Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Organic food and Travel plans

I am feeling a good bit more together now than I was the other day thankfully... and, I have found myself on one hell of a health kick. I know only good can come from that - I am just struggling with worrying at what point am I taking it "overboard" though. I don't think I am. I don't think I can. I mean, getting more healthy, getting my family more healthy IS the most important thing to do.

My husband got me going to the Chiropractor at our gym, and he is very into all the organic stuff, and vitamins, and all that - and I have to say, the atmosphere is contagious. I went to his nutrition talk the other night.. and really got some good pointers. There is a store not very far from me at all that specializes in all natural and organic foods, and vitamins and such. (Wild by Nature) I am thinking, at every chance possible I am going to make that my primary grocery shopping spot. I know it will only help my weight loss and health goals, and it certainly will not hurt - so I have nothing to lose.

I know I had so much else to say... but I managed to lose track of what it was. I know I am loving the spring weather this year. I got out and planted all sorts of stuff in my front garden yesterday.. now I just have to wait and be patient for them to sprout! And the birds are back - early in the morning they start to sing, and it is just so nice to wake up to that.

I am also getting ready to travel AGAIN! Niki is just about to have her baby! So, I will be going to Virginia, if all goes well for her baby girl's BIRTH - we thought this week, but the doctor just pushed the induction back to next week. Unless the little angel decides to make an early entrance that is! Then I will just have to get myself on a plane as soon as I get the word too!
I will be back soon, if not before Easter, have a wonderful one!

6:46 p.m.

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