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Peru Trip - Day 1!

Monday June 25th, 2007

I did not get any sleep last night - I was so worried I would over sleep and miss the car coming to take me to the airport - add to that my sheer nervous excitement about the trip over all, and sleep just was NOT in the cards for me!

I did not sleep on the planes either - I just can't seem to ever sleep on them. My layover in Costa Rica (San Jose) was nice... very green mountains surrounded the airport. I will have to try to get some better pictures on my stop through on July 7th! (Updated note - I am a doofus... I had no layover in Costa Rica coming home... I went to San Salvador instead!)

Meanwhile, landing in Lima was a trip!! I could see the mountain peaks all around - and a thick layer of clouds below us. The landing gear went down, and I kept waiting to see the ground... (my flying fears surfacing a bit!) And then, I finally saw the ground... as the planes wheels landed - firmly and securely on it! Now I know why they won't fly to Cusco past 3 pm! (There are much bigger mountains around Cusco, and much thicker fog in the Mountains!!)

So, I made my way through the airport, and to the baggage spot - nervously hoping my bags securely came through with me - and they did! Smooth sailing!!

I exchanged some money, and set out to find my ride. I nearly walked right past them!

Getting to the hotel for that night (I had one night in Lima because of my long layover) - hotel Melia Lima - was an experience all it's own! I had the dire instinct to cover my eyes (and they say NY drivers are scary!) while at the same time, I refused to BLINK because I wanted to see everything I could!! I finally got my act together and grabbed my camera! There are cactus "trees" everywhere! Not like the big thick ones of the North American Southwest... but skinny, tall - branched out cactus "trees." AND, the busses look like the old 70's Volkswagen vans. (Though I think many of them are Toyota's.) - And the HORNS!!! I can hear them now still from my room! I have heard more horns in the past few hours than you hear in a MONTH in New York City! It is hilarious! They honk for EVERYTHING!

SO - I have eaten (Sopita Minuta - Beef Creole Coup and Pollito Hongos - Grilled Chicken with mushrooms and Sauteed Vegetables) And a very unusual Cocktail de Langostinos (Shrimp Cocktail - on Avocado with Pepper!) All the food was amazing! I showered, and I am going to go to sleep to the serenade of the horns. (I would take a video clip, but that uses more of the memory card, and it's too early in my trip!)

Somehow I am still up! (I haven't slept since Saturday night.) And I miss my babies! I wish I could give them good night kisses and morph back here instantly.

Anyway - at 4 am tomorrow I am off to Cusco! And then the REAL journey begins! It is 7:41 pm, and I am going to SLEEP!!!!

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