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Day 2 and 3 - Peru Trip!

Wednesday June 27th, 2007

The only reason I know what day it is, is because of my watch! But being so totally disconnected from TV, etc. is also somehow very soothing.

Yesterday my flight to Cusco was nice - I was blessed with 3 great flights getting here. I had heard about the altitude issues for Cusco - at over 11,000 feet - it can be a shock to your body. I had been drinking water the entire way on the flight - because I was told that would help. So - I step off the plane and inhale a big deep breath. No problems... so I thought, this is going to be easy!

Within 2 hours I was sitting with my group in the airport cafe, waiting for more peoples flights to land - and I noticed a slight headache (which is very normal for me anyway...) and a tightness in my chest. Everyone was noticing it at that point. And we guzzled our water.. (which of course made us have to pee constantly!) And THAT is a journey all it's own in parts of Peru!!

Anyway - everyone was SO nice! Finally we went outside to get on the bus, and were a bit bombarded by people selling various things - but one of the things, is supposed to help with the altitude. Cocoa leaves. Bitter little buggers too. But I also found cocoa leaf candy - which tasted MUCH better!! It all provided some temporary relief at least.

The drive to the hotel - no words can describe it. An hour plus of winding, steep, mountain roads - occasionally stopping for a cow, goat, or donkey to cross the road!! The scenery just took my breath away! (As if the altitude hadn't enough already!!)

My room at the hotel is gorgeous - at the Sonesta Posadas del Inca - Yucay. (You-KI) And being in the energy of SO many (170) like minded people is just invigorating. Yesterday we had an orientation - and were split into smaller groups. My group has about 30 people in it - 2 from Greece, and one originally from Romania. We are about 65% female. (I think - I am terrible at estimates!)

Today was our first excursion - we went to visit the ruins at Pisac. (We are also working in the South part of the Medicine Wheel - today and tomorrow - In the South, the 'serpent' sheds her skin, we shed our stories - the excuses - the things we tell ourselves that truly don't serve us.) I have completed the full South in the Wheel with my teacher, but this is a great refresher!!)

So - we went to Pisac - the temple of the falcon, the temple of the seer. We had two options... hike the very steep terrain for 2 hours - or ride the bus higher and hike for (what they SAID) would be 20 minutes. I am no fool - I had a very bad headache the night before from the traveling, and the altitude - and a deep breath was STILL eluding me... so, I opted for the bus ride up higher! Oh my - they LIED!! It was STILL an hour of very steep hiking - but I was not alone in my shortness of breath. The guide gave us Horay - a natural wild mountain mint that grows everywhere there - to rub in our hands and smell - and is did help a LOT.

All of it was SO worth it and SO rewarding once we got there, and sat in ceremony for an hour with the Quero. We prepared a despacho (prayer bundle) with them - for our healing, and for the patchamamma (Earth) and for 'her' permission to do the work we were going to do.

Now it is 7 pm, and I am going to go mingle and get some food. At 9 pm I am meeting with one of the Shaman - Chino - and he is going to prepare for me my own personal despacho. On another note - speaking of the South work, tonight in speaking Alberto said something that really struck me - I have always resisted anyone who called God my "father" - I despised that term. But tonight - I actually got it. And I really like this feeling. He said - in most civilizations when a child hits the age of about 14 - they go through a sort of rite of passage - they place their mother (symbolically) in the fire - and their father as well. They burn their ties. Because after that age - a parent is mostly there for what...? Friendship. So, they burn their maternal ties. They accept Inti Titi as their father (Father Sun) and Patchamamma (Mother Earth) as their mother. That way, their parents never become 'dysfunctional.' And their mother and father will never leave them. It works out for everyone.

I don't know - that just really struck a cord with me. I think I may have to do that.

I also got some really neat goodies today at the Shaman's market in Pisac! (Turquoise for my Mesa, a large Turquoise Ball, and Chumpi stones! I have been wanting those for a while!)

And I NEED to go to the lobby and restock my water, and go to eat dinner now!!

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