Monday, September 10, 2012

Soothing myself slowly.

In case anyone was wondering, the other night I ended up, very nicely and calmly suggesting to my mother that she go alone - that I just was not up for it. I didn't mean to leave you all hanging, just, I felt it was very important to not put any of that petty mess in my last entry, which was very important to me...
So, my mother went alone, and from what I could tell had a very good time. And it is a very good thing I had decided not to go, because about the time my husband was supposed to be arriving HOME for me to go, he called saying he was still at work... and still not leaving yet - basically an "oh well" for my plans - which did aggravate me, but was nothing to make a big deal over because I had decided to not go anyway. I know my husband is trying very hard to be perfect at work right now... so I am trying very hard to be understanding. (Though, I feel like I have hardly seen him these days, and it has been getting to me...)
Anyway... today my mother was upstairs for a bit, my munchkins were napping, and my step-daughter was on the computer... I was watching TV, and just out of the blue I thought a bomb went off. Startled me so badly - it was a lightning strike... just about a block away. What followed was a really intense basically electrical storm - we had very little rain with it... but I have to say I enjoyed it a lot... Thunderstorms are just SO calming to me.
Another thing I have found that is calming to me, is a nice swim in my pool at night. I am so happy to have it fixed and up and running. The other night when I felt like pulling my hair out, I went out there for a bit by myself and did some laps... and it was just intensely soothing. The soreness I felt the next day gave me another realization - it is truly awesome exercise. So, while I have been slacking on my stationary bike and treadmill recently (have I mentioned we are waiting on an A/C guy because it reached like 1000 degrees in here even though we have central air?) I can still go outside, and have that time at night. I did it tonight again too... and I plan to do it Sunday if not tomorrow night even. I can at least get another month, probably nearly two out of it
I can't believe I am up so late. I *should* be in bed. I really hope I get to truly sleep in on Sunday - I feel like I have been running myself ragged... but my husband is in the same position - maybe I can make sure he gets a nap sometime tomorrow... between the A/C guy (hopefully) coming over, and taking the kids to the pool, and going to his brother's children's birthday party... yeah - I really want a weekend where we have N.O.T.H.I.N.G. to do. Maybe soon...
Well... I will leave you with a crafty little thing I made. My step-daughter has shown me this site called "myspace", and so I have been trying my html "abilities" at that... (of course I had to make myself a page!) though, this little thing was neat, I didn't have to know anything to make it.. (so now I can bug everyone with puzzles all the time!)
Let me know if you finish it, these flowers are in my garden now!

1:00 a.m.

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