Monday, September 10, 2012

Stupid Crap (Private)

Continued from here.
So... I have been cranky... but I have been aware of it, and doing my best to control it. Now, yesterday my husband tells me he had a
horrible day. Just terrible. And he is nervous because they are interviewing people from his office, and seem to specifically be asking questions about him. (Human resources is.) Now, with everything that has happened to us in the past, I do understand why this has him all jittery. I really do. But he just seems to take it to an extreme. (I have a feeling way too many people in his office know he is now "nervous" - and that is not a good (professional) thing. But I do understand... we have been through a hell of a time the past few years... so his being jumpy is understandable. But he is refusing to see it probably is not a bad thing. He is the "Operations Manager" - it is a big position. Friday he will have been there 90 days. If it is not a regular protocol review for a new Operations Manager, maybe they are looking so closely into his work to advance him further. But he is just completely shitting a brick stressed out. "I feel like a dead man walking..." and "I am already packing my desk..."I mean... what the fuck? He says he has done nothing wrong. And I know he hasn't. So he should not be so freaking worried... right? The way I see it... either he is completely over-exaggerating, or I am not being told something - OR he has been so affected by the nonsense of the past year that he is way too easily freaked out... and I worry it is going to reflect very poorly on him professionally. I guess only time will tell...
So... last night I was trying very hard to be supportive. But I know I snapped at him a few times... and I feel terribly about it. I just have been so edgy anyway... and then I was trying to be supportive and "it is all going to be fine" for him... but of course some of it rubbed off on me.
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