Monday, September 10, 2012

Potty News!!

Sometimes I really hate that I can be so completely socially inept. Actually, I always hate it. But I just hate it even more, when I really let it get to me. (All together now, I will not show up suddenly wearing no clothing.. I will not suddenly develop the inability to speak anything but gibberish... everything will go great.) And those are not even really my fears. That is my problem. I don't really know my fears. So, how can I understand them, and work through them... if I can't even grasp exactly what they are?
Well... no matter what, as long as my husband is here when he promised he would be... I am going.
And in other, really great news... my baby girl has used her potty! And really gets it! (Three times this morning!!) I am so proud of her! I am so proud of me! I don't know what I did differently today than the dozens of other times we have tried to get her to realize what it is for... but I am not going to complain! Some munchkins just train later than other's I suppose. So.. we have the "pee-pee" part down. She is currently complaining to me for a diaper... so I have a feeling something else is on the way. (Wish me luck... I think I will need it.) But this is a huge milestone! If I have her out of diapers for everything but bedtime now... it would just be so wonderful!!
Everything else, is just going great. (There is always some stress with my mother these days... but I am still in my "wait and see" mode, so I am trying to not let it get to me much.)
And the weather is amazing! Later this week are high's are supposed to not go above the mid 60's. I just love this time of year!!
Oh! And something I have been holding off on saying (she just called so I am adding this in NOW) - my very best friend... we have known each other since middle school, is going to be a mommy!! I had not said anything until now, just because so many people can be "superstitious," so I figured I could never be too careful - but she saw the heartbeat today! Girl you know I am so happy for you!

12:57 p.m.

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