Saturday, September 8, 2012

Terrible two's...

Today is my husband's 35th birthday.

I hope he has been having a good day, and I hope it ends well. I feel like I have barely seen him today, he let me sleep in this morning... and then I disappeared into the kitchen to make my sugar cookies before the batter was no longer any good that had been sitting in the fridge. I think he has had a lot of fun with the kids though.. I just feel bad I wasn't able to give him anything. I know that's not "all" birthday's are about... but I feel bad nonetheless.

My baby girl is absolutely in her "terrible two's" and good grief!!! I always heard "about" the "terrible two's" but honesty... I never heard specifics... just that they can be "terrible." Well... *I* have a story to tell... (And I would love to hear any others too, to know I am not alone!!)

Yesterday my children - Jillian, who's just over 2, and my baby boy who just turned 1 are standing at the window looking out at their daddy outside. Well... my daughter decided to push her brother... I told her "no"... looking right at me, she did it again... so I got up, walked to her pointed my finger at her, etc like a mother would do and gave her a firm "no" followed with something about not pushing her brother.... Well what happened next I can only describe in hindsight as hilarious... My 2 year old daughter... ROLLED HER EYES at me. Very obviously. Turned around and looked out the window... (to ignore me.)

Good grief I am going to have my hands full when this one is a teenager. But I mean... how do you handle a TWO year old rolling her eyes at you? She also rolled her eyes at her Daddy once just the other day when he was telling her no... it just amazes me how they pick up on stuff so fast.
But.. she's 2. I can't exactly do much about it yet....

Just... wow. We are going to have our hands full!!!

6:19 p.m.

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