Saturday, September 8, 2012

The date is SET!

I feel petrified to say what I am thinking. I really do.
Every time recently I have mentioned how things are "looking up" - I have subsequently been either pounded over the head with immensely horrible news, or we have had some sort of set back of some kind.
But, I am feeling extremely confident about it this time. Today, we finally reserved the moving truck for the end of the month, and confirmed when our friend is flying in to help us move and everything. For the first time in a LONG time, I feel relieved.
The end of the month, we really, truly are getting out of this hell hole we have been trapped in.
Of course I still have my worries. The other night my husband became (wrongfully) irritated with me saying I was being too negative... I am not being negative, just trying to keep a spot in my mind reserved for anything that may go wrong... that worry currently is that our pain in the ass tenants are not gone when we get there. They "have" to be. Their lease is up. But some people don't care at all what a piece of paper says. I am trying to not even think about it... and this morning I think my husband finally understood what I was trying to say to him the other night, I am *not* being negative... just trying to make sure we have covered ALL of our bases.
I know if it gets down to it, and they refuse to contact us (as they have been) and are still there when we HAVE to leave here... we will have enough financially then to force a back up plan for ourselves. Whether it's boarding the dogs and cats and staying with family, or just finding a Holiday Inn that will accept the dogs (which there are plenty of, we are staying in one for one night to break our drive in half) I am not sure... but we will have a "back up" in place, in case we have to force them out with the sheriff, which would not happen "over night."
I hate always being prepared for the worst. I really do. But this place has done it to me. I just really can not wait for life to get back to a true, sincere normal when we get home, to NY.

6:04 p.m.

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