Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Time for a BIG bed!

My children are just growing up way too fast.
And now, my sweet adorable baby boy... my "Mr. Dimples" - has truly officially outgrown his crib. Today the kids were taking their naps... and I heard my little guy just start wailing. His serious "I really need my Mommy NOW" cry...
So, I went flying down the hall, and when I rounded the corner, I could not believe what I saw. I mean, I could, because I have known the day was approaching, but I thought my baby, was going to be in his "baby bed" for just a little bit longer.
But no... he had climbed out, and was stuck. At least he thought he was stuck. He was dangling on the edge, on the outside of the crib, if he had let go, he would have dropped the few inches to the ground and had been fine... instead he was crying "Heewwpp Mommy! Hewwpp!" (That is Aidan for help.)
If the poor guy had not been so frantic to get down, I would have taken a picture to capture the moment. His first crib escape. So, now that he has figured out the trick, it is time for my little man to get a real bed. Fortunately I already have it picked out, I have wanted it for him for a few months. I just thought we would not be getting it until mid-spring when I hope we start redoing parts of the house.
Anyway... I think it is an awesome bed, and will give him much needed storage:

I just was not quite ready to put my little guy into a big bed yet. But I know he is ready, and he will do wonderfully with it.
Now I just have to figure out if we are going to re-do the carpet in his room before we move the big bed in there, or wait until after, when we have to take it all apart again to put in new carpet. (His room REALLY needs it the most of any in the house.... so, should I go with a huge area rug, or just get it over with... ? Decisions, decisions. Any advice?)
I will be back soon! (And Niki, I will SEE you in less than 6 days! It has been WAY too long!)

4:14 p.m.

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