Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We finally refinanced!

Yesterday we finally, finally closed on our refinance. We will be saving an amazing $600 every month now. That's just amazing. And financially, things are starting to look up... my husbands first check with this company will come in on the 15th, and we will finally be able to catch up on some of our bills with it. I can't wait. I can't wait to answer the phone and not have to pretend to not be me because I am avoiding yet ANOTHER bill collector and have no answers to give them... and they are so nasty too. Plus, I can't wait to simply have my caller ID back so I won't have to answer the phone when a bill collector calls because I will know ahead of time!! (The phone company has shut off our "optional" services since we are very, very late in paying them, among every body else.) For a little while there, it felt like the coming days would never get here... but finally - I can see the light at the end of the tunnel getting brighter, rather than more dim.

Yesterday did manage to harbor one "hard" moment... you see, in the mortgage business, every body seems to know every body... generally this is good... but then there is that one person who I would just love to forget ever existed... and one person at our closing yesterday knew her, and knew my husband had worked with her... so of course she mentioned almost right away as they were chatting and "catching up", "oh and do you know she works at "such and such" company now...? I did good - I don't think I even flinched that time... I just let it roll off my shoulders. Then... later in the conversation when they were talking about who my husband still needs to hire for the office that is opening on Monday with his company she says... "well, why don't you hire her?" That time I may have flinched. I know I sure did on the inside. I used to have such an awesome "poker face" - but that's one issue that just stabs me right in the soul. WHY did she have to keep pushing the issue? I swear I felt like she knew they had been "good friends" or something... (clearly though she did not know the truth) But it just made me cringe. I almost felt like I could have just broken into tears right there. And then the room felt tense for a bit - but I doubt anyone but me noticed... probably because it was just all in my head. This morning my husband "thanked" me for handling the situation the way I did... but seriously, what did he expect me to do? Jump up and down and start cursing her name? It would have been nice though, if maybe he would have asked me "are you ok" or something this morning... instead of what he did say. Then again... maybe that was his "uncomfortable" way of asking it? I don't know... but at least it's in the past now.

So... everything finally seems to be falling into place. Our finances.. .our house... the dog is doing great in his foster home... all I need now is to start ripping out the wood burning stove and bricking in the front room... and I will be feeling a LOT better. That should start the end of this month. I can't wait.

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