Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A milestone

For the first time in what seems like forever... my sweet baby girl is sleeping, in her crib. The catch? The crib is now located in my bedroom... snuggly placed against my side of the bed - which as of last night I took from my husband.

But it's ok... because she is sleeping in her crib. Not one tear was shed... no hyperventilating, no panic, no crying and screaming... just smiles, snuggles... and baby snoring. I can't even describe how good that makes me feel. It has been weeks it seems since I have had the freedom to come in and type something on the computer while she napped... because she was free on the bed... and could crawl off (and hurt herself) in a few seconds flat.

I don't think my husband has a clue just how much it means to me that he agreed to have me move her crib into our bedroom. I had read several places that for the problem we have been having - the easiest "no cry" way to get her sleeping in her crib, was to give her an "adjustment time" in the crib... but in the room, and setting she was used too - so far, it is working. Last night I switched sides with my husband, and figured out a way to fit the crib into our bedroom... and set it up in there - and after only a minimal "fight" she was fast asleep. She did sleep *much* lighter, but I expected that.

I am missing my Bailey some... but I know he is doing good. I got another update from the lady at the rescue group today - he already has three family's that want to adopt him. I am so happy he will finally be in a home where he will get the attention he deserves. I have been having this "battle" within myself - on one hand, I am relieved he is gone, and on the other, I am missing him immensely... but I know that will pass. Plus, there are no rules that say I can't miss him, and be glad he is gone at the same time...

1:00 p.m.

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