Friday, September 7, 2012

1 day... (and still counting...)

Tomorrow night... (or early Tuesday morning) my second child will be born. Unless I go into labor before then... I hope I do... but it's ok if I don't.

I am just feeling extremely over emotional. It's a good kind of over emotional though I guess. Tonight will be the last night it's just the three of us in this house. It will be the last night I tuck my only child into bed... the last night I am the center of only one person's world... tomorrow night, there will be two. Two little angels who will be the center of my world... and I, the center of theirs. (Of course I share that spot light with their daddy too.)

I feel like when I drop my daughter off at my mother-in-laws tomorrow evening it will take everything I have not to break into tears. I really don't know why. Obviously it's not from sadness... just a change. And I am very excited... I can't wait to meet him. I just look at my daughter and I wonder, how in the world can I love another person as much as I love her. But I know I can.

Everything just has my stomach in knots today it seems. The wait is driving me crazy.

9:19 p.m.

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