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101 Things about me

101 Things about me.

1. I am a stay at home Mom.

2. I have 1 daughter, and another baby on the way (who we just found out will be a BOY), due December 5th, 2003.

3. After the "new arrival" I would like to have 1 or 2 more children. I am not sure exactly how many yet.

4. I feel like I live in a farm a lot of the time: I have 3 cats - Pepper, Jeter, and Skittles... Skittles is deaf. And I have 2 dogs - Cooper (a little mutt) and Bailey. Bailey is a St. Bernard, and we are looking for a good home for him. He has not been getting the attention he deserves since my daughter was born. (Just today we think we found him a home, they are coming to meet him tomorrow.)

5. I live in New York, on Long Island.

6. My husband's name is Andrew, and his diary is here.

7. We were married August 4th 1998. I had been 18 for exactly 1 month.

8. We were married at Fairhope pier, in Alabama.

9. I grew up in Houston, TX... and Mobile, AL

10. When I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up.

11. Now I have the only job I ever want: "Mommy."

12. I've realized I couldn't have been a veterinarian anyway - I would never have been able to "put down" an animal.

13. On father's day of 2000, we were in a terrible car wreck moving from Texas to Maryland. We had to "put down" my German Shepherd from the injuries he sustained. It was devastating.

14. We were driving a Mercury Mountaineer. (Ford Explorer) And suffered "tread separation" with Firestone tires. A couple of months later similar cases became nationally known.

15. It took me months to get behind the wheel of a car again. And I was not even driving during the accident.

16. Enough about that... My favorite TV shows are: Survivor, Angel, Buffy, and Sex and the City.

17. I used to be obsessed with taking pictures of my animals - they are so cute and fluffy, etc... now I am obsessed with taking my daughter's picture.

18. I have always lived with cats in the house. My mother at one time had something like 30 cats in her house.

19. My mother is a bit nuts.

20. We are currently not speaking. This is really hurtful to me because she is missing out on my daughter's first year.

21. I have tried to contact her several times recently - but she is keeping the silence intact.

22. Someday I would like to see the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and Hawaii.

23. I just hope I can "teleport" there, or something.

24. I am terrified of flying. I normally drink lots of alcohol while I fly.

25. Now that I am a mommy, I probably can't get plastered the next time I have to fly somewhere.

26. My mother and father would have been married 24 years this coming August 2nd.

27. My father died when I was 14.

28. He died of AIDS. (Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

29. He contracted the disease when I was 6, one year after my little brother was born.

30. No one in my family other than my father has, or had the disease. I did not know he had it until I was 11.

31. He never knew that I knew he was sick. He would have been devastated.

32. I did not cry the night my father died. I held in my emotions for a very long time. I have a "problem" doing that.

33. Onto happier subjects: One of my favorite drinks is a Mocha Chai. Starbucks makes them great. I prefer the "frozen" ones.

34. My second favorite drink is Coca Cola. My favorite alcoholic drink is a Strawberry Daiquiri.

35. By this December (or late November, whenever the baby is born) I will feel like I have been pregnant for 2 years straight.

36. Before getting pregnant with my daughter, I was 30+ pounds over weight.

37. Just before getting pregnant this time (6 months after having my daughter) I was only 15 pounds over weight. And I had gained 27 pounds with my first pregnancy.

38. I worked very, very hard at losing all that weight, and am very proud of myself for it.

39. Having my daughter was the most amazing experience of my life.

40. I was terrified of an epidural. 4 hours into "hard labor" I begged for one.

41. It was the best thing I could have done! I will absolutely have an epidural with my second baby's birth. I slept the next 4 hours, and when I woke up asking for more epidural medicine, they said "No, you have to push now." I was shocked.

42. I wish I could have a photograph of my husbands face the moment I woke him up and said "it's time to push now."

43. My daughter was born with dark, dark, dark brown hair, and brown eyes.

44. I have blonde hair, and blue eyes.

45. Now, her eyes are still brown (though lighter) and her hair looks like it's turning blonde. (It is blonde, but we don't know if it will stay that way.)

46. My mother was in NY (here) when my daughter was born, but she moved away (back to Texas) a month later.

47. I am upset she moved away. Maybe it's selfish. But I see her reasons for moving as insane, and I feel that being a part of her grand-daughter's life should have been more important to her.

48. I hope to go on a nice vacation next summer. Maybe a baby friendly cruise, or to a nice baby friendly hotel in South Florida.

49. My husband's parents have a vacation condo in South Florida. He will want to go there. But I think a hotel would be less stress.

50. I get along good with my husband's mother. But I still don't feel I can talk to her as well as I could my mother.

51. In a lot of ways she is much more "sensitive" than my mother.

52. I was my mother's only girl. I have one brother, and two half brothers.

53. They all live in Houston, TX.

54. My oldest brother (half brother) says he will never speak to my mother again. They have not spoken in probably 20 years. My other older (half) brother is gay.

55. I wish I was a little closer to my older brother's - emotionally speaking.

56. My favorite color is purple.

57. My daughter's bedroom is light purple.

58. The new baby's room will be a beige or off white.

59. I want to give the world to my children.

60. I am terrified of anything ever happening to them.

61. I am 5'8 tall.

62. I sunburn very easily.

63. My husband never burns, he gets an awesome tan instead.

64. I hope our children get his complexion, so they don't sunburn either.

65. I hope they are a little less hyper than he is though.

66. I hope they get his ability to eat everything. I am very picky about what I eat. (And it's never the healthiest.) But he eats very healthy.

67. I enjoy scary movies - but generally my husband does not.

68. I did not finish high school. I regret that at times. I blame my mother for that.

69. I hate to vacuum.

70. Sometimes I worry I am a poor housekeeper, like my mother.

71. She always insisted she could keep a place "immaculate" but it was generally very messy. Especially after my father passed away.

72. We have a black Kia Spectra, and plan to get an SUV (or minivan) by November.

73. I enjoy driving. I hope one day my husband and I (and children) can drive to upstate NY and see the mountains.

74. I love the mountains.

75. My dream house would be in the mountains, on a large lake. (In a populated area.) But I would also love a house on the beach.

76. I love the beach.

77. I really don't like the sand at the beach. It gets EVERYWHERE!

78. I don't go in the water much when we go to the beach here (Long Island) because the water is very cold to me. I am used to the water in the Gulf of Mexico - MUCH warmer!

79. When I was little, every year on my birthday (the 4th of July) my family would go to the beach, then go watch a fireworks display somewhere.

80. I hope to continue that "tradition" with my kids when they are older.

81. I "collect" rocks. (Not plain rocks.) But uncut gems. In my house I have "raw" amethyst, and pyrite, and a couple others too!

82. I wish I had more - but I have not had time to find a "gem show" here in NY.

83. I am not a religious person.

84. I don't like when people judge someone based on their religion. I believe you can be a good person, no matter what church you go to - if any.

85. The last movie I saw in the theater was "The Matrix - Reloaded" I loved it and can't wait for the next one to come out.

86. On Friday nights I love to go out to a relaxing dinner with my family, and then come home... climb into bed (or onto the couch) and watch a nice movie.

87. I am very hard headed. (Emotionally speaking.)

88. I am extremely devoted to my husband and children. They come first before anything else in my life.

89. My favorite season is Fall. Then Spring, then Winter, then Summer.

90. I hate the heat of Summer. And I love the colors of Fall, and Spring.

91. I also LOVE snow.

92. Growing up in Texas and Alabama, I only saw "snow" a couple of times.

93. Never more than 1 inch stuck on the ground though.

94. This past winter I experienced my first "blizzard."

95. The snow piled up to the top of the sliding glass door in the back of the house. I enjoyed every second of it. Even though I had a cold.

96. I hope it snows every Christmas. To me it just "feels" right.

97. This past winter, it snowed so much, I almost got sick of snow. (When it was still snowing in April, I said "enough already!")

98. Now that it is nearing the end of July, I remember again why I like snow so much, and am ready for November.

99. I love NY, and really do not miss Texas, or the south much at all. (If ever.)

100. I found it nearly impossible to come up with this many "things about me..." and I hope everyone made it this far!

101. Family is number one to me. Since having my daughter last September, many things in life have taken on a new meaning. I never knew I could love someone so much. I can't wait to see the person she becomes! And I can't wait to have her little brother this November/December!!

5:27 p.m. (Wow... how things CHANGE! 09.05.2012)

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