Saturday, September 8, 2012

7 days and counting

Prepare yourselves for an entry that will absolutely be all over the place. At least, as everything is shooting through my head trying to escape onto the screen at the moment... it feels like it is coming from all corners of the Earth.
Anyway... I have finally gotten myself in gear and turned up the intensity on my packing. I have my son's room done, my daughter's room done... the loft done (which consisted only of the extra computer that we never hooked up to the internet here) - and everything else is sort of "mostly done." Really the main hurdle I face is the kitchen, and I can't to that until this weekend. Wow... the count down really is on!
With every day that passes we realize just how much we need to be in NY. Apparently my mother-in-law REALLY downplayed her accident when she told us about it. Now she is having all sorts of problems in one of her legs... it is bleeding, and infected, and has all kinds of problems. Yesterday her doctor tried to insist that she be admitted to the hospital, but she refused... she is too worried about my father-in-law, and she really just needs to take a moment to take care of herself. So now today she is seeing a surgeon (I forget exactly what his title is) but it's about the blood vessels in her legs. depending on what he says, she may need surgery, and depending on how she responds to the medication her doctor gave her yesterday, she may have to be admitted to the hospital tomorrow. And we are all the way over here, unable to do a damn thing to help.
At least everything is just really, finally falling into place for us to leave . I think. We sent our tenants a letter, telling them they have to let us know for sure by tomorrow if they will be out when we get there or not. I made it nice, but stern. Reminding them we gave them over 60 days notice that we would not be renewing the lease (which I just found out today giving them that amount of notice was very smart on my part), and I sent them the copy of the previous letter, along with a copy of the signed receipt I have that they did receive it... we even very nicely told them, if they continue to have financial troubles they can live in the "apartment" in the basement for 30 days. (We have a finished basement with a kitchen and VERY small bathroom in that house.) Though that is something we really want to avoid, it would at least get us our house back. But we have heard nothing. I really don't understand their arrogance.
I did some research today though, and realized that the 60 day notice we gave them, plus the fact that WE are moving back to the house (not just renting it to someone else) really does good things for our case. And because it's over something so cut and dried as an expired lease... it won't take as long as I had feared. Though our backs are against a wall, theirs are too - even more so than I thought. So... even if they all out refuse to comply with anything... we *should* be back in our house before the end of June. (I just have no idea how much court fees, and marshall eviction fees are.) Now I just have to make sure we have plans in place to keep a roof over our heads until we force them out, because it looks like it is going to come to that. Maybe I am wrong, and they will email us tomorrow telling us they are leaving, or going to take our basement offer, etc. - but I am prepared to deal with whatever may happen.
I feel like I have so much else to say... but really... now I am drawing a blank. We went to eat here last night. I have to say, that restaurant is the only thing I will miss about Illinois. (The Blackened Oyster & Shrimp Fondeaux is amazing.) I used to love going there when we lived in Houston (TX) and we only have gone there one other time since being here (they don't have any locations in NY) - and then we had crisis after crisis and absolutely no money to go out to eat anywhere. But my husband was nice enough to make sure we got to go there one "last" time. And now tonight I will make baked ziti. (And why I felt the need to share that, is beyond me.) I am just excited... I even have our "menu" for the week all set - right up to the point where I pack the dishes and pots and pans on Saturday, and we order pizza Sunday and Chinese food Monday! (Then in the very early hours of the morning on Tuesday, we get the hell out of this nightmare!!)
Tick tock.. tick tock...

12:38 p.m.

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