Saturday, September 8, 2012

There's no place like home... *tap tap tap* There's no place like home...

Less than 5 days from now, we leave this madness behind us. I still feel scared to admit it. We dodged another bullet this morning. We called the Budget rent a truck place to confirm our truck pick up for Sunday morning, and they had the audacity to say they could not guarantee the truck would even be there. Now excuse me if I am confused here... but when you make a reservation for a truck, doesn't that mean they are assuring you it will be there? So... my husband pulled off another miracle - and we went to U-Haul, who originally was much higher priced, and not only got them to match the cost of the other one, but got it $200 lower! At a time when every penny counts, that is amazing.
My husband's moods have had me stressed out beyond my limit. I know what is causing it, so I am trying so hard to be understanding (there is a medication he is probably going to go back on once we get to NY, NOT the paxil something else he used to take) but in the meantime, keeping myself together has become, hard - to say the least at moments. It's not like he is yo-yoing from "good" to "bad" - he is going from "bad" to "worse" so sporadically I can't even predict it. Today, he seems better... and hopefully this will become a trend, because I have really been having problems. I think what helped him relax is the attorney we spoke to yesterday. The prospect of having to evict them on our own, with all the laws and such we don't know that much about, became overwhelming, so we spoke to someone we were referred to through family, and things look very good. Not only will he help us, but he will help us at a reduced fee... and is pretty confident we can have them forced out (if it comes to it) by the end of June at the latest.
I still have hopes they will just leave, and be gone when we get there. But their lack of responses to us, and their "we don't give a shit" pattern says otherwise. So, I am being realistic.
Even before yesterday when we knew how smoothly we could probably get them out, I have been trying so hard to be confident for us for my husband's sake. He irritated me so badly a bit over a month ago, when he so arrogantly told me that I was bringing him down because I was being so "negative" - when all I was actually trying to do was have us prepared, with a "back up plan" incase it came to forcing them out. (After all, following the pattern, remember?) He sat there and told me they would leave. With a "case closed" sort of attitude. So, for the most part I dropped it. Then when he realized what it was coming to, he freaked. Literally panicked with a "where will we go how will we get them out" sort of attitude. Because to him, the thought of them being so dishonest and uncaring, had been unfeasible, and it really threw him for a loop. So I have tried to take the reins with some of the tenant worries... but it's like he won't let me. He will sit there and I will see he is just driving himself crazy, asking himself the same questions over and over again, that we have no answer for. At this point, it is very cut and dried... when we get to NY, if they have not left our house, we first off immediately tell the attorney who will begin the paperwork to serve them with to start the process of forcing them out... (which we may have him start tomorrow to simply be as prepared as we can be) while my husband goes to one of our friends houses who can take in our animals (and sweetly offered) and he will stay there, and I will go to our other friends house with the munchkins who offered to take us in, but can't take the animals because she is allergic... but has a much bigger place, and less things for the kids to get into. (And a young daughter who they adore!)
Now that we have the attorney, my husband can focus on the three interviews he already has set up to go to within the first week that we are back. The quicker we get an income, the better off we will be. And then we just... wait. I know not being in our house will not be easy... and will be extremely stressful... but it is simply what we have to do at this point. We literally just have to take it one day at a time.
And on this day, I am going to pack up my fragile curio cabinet, and everything in the kitchen I know I will not use again - which is most of it. I just can't wait to start loading the truck. Hopefully then it will feel "real" - no... probably won't feel real until we have totally cleared the state. (And I am counting the seconds...)

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