Friday, September 7, 2012

A big change coming.

So, for starters, I can say with a huge sigh of relief, I am not pregnant. Yes, I did have a positive pregnancy test earlier this week, and yes, I have been queasy... but some things are just undeniable. (Too much info: my monthly visitor started.) My thoughts on the matter? I think I was pregnant. But my body rejected it... just said No way... too much stress on my body and life right now. I am well aware that the majority of "miscarriages" happen without the woman even knowing she was pregnant... so I assume that's what has happened. I would not have been queasy like that, nor had the positive pregnancy test otherwise.

The line on the test has now faded to where its barely detectable, meaning the hormones in my body are decreasing... and my queasiness is finally beginning to subside. I am just breathing such a sigh of relief.

Now that I have said that... I don't know where to start with the rest of it. The job my husband flew to Kansas City for last Friday... the one he said was "in the bag" etc, he did not get. So, we are out of options. We have $75 in the bank, and absolutely NO income. A week or so ago an old friend of my husbands called, with a job offer for him, if he wanted it. So now Monday my husband is flying to Chicago to work out all of the details for it. The catch? The JOB is in Chicago. It means relocating. A big mess... renting our house out.... just a big grand mess.

In a way I am excited at the idea... but also so worried. And he is putting so much pressure on ME wanting ME to set up an accounting presentation for him to give the guy when he goes there... and yes, I DID work in the accounting department at the same company he was at... with the same scenarios he wants to mimic... but that was years ago, and I am very very scatter brained right now. I feel like I don't even know where to start.

Why can't anything be simple?

9:12 a.m.

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