Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A full update!

Side note - I did 2 entries prior to this one tonight!

Okay - I have seriously been trying, TRYING to sit down and type an entry for over a week now. I have HAD a part of an entry sitting in my inbox that I started to write and had to stop on for at least 4 days. I know... I need to figure out better time management. But... I am making progress!

ANYWAY - I don't know where to begin! First off - I have been meaning to mention how my baby girl is doing with her school change. And that IS going pretty well. She has been a bit more "fragile" the past 2 weeks. I am hoping everything evens back out soon though. I expected a little turmoil with the total routine shift. She has started speech therapy, and starts occupational therapy on the 19th. She is enjoying the new school and everything... I do wish she went a little longer each day. (She only goes from 1 pm to 3:30 pm) BUT - it is a start! (The speech therapist did leave me a note in her notebook today to call her about her schedule. Just maybe - my hope it anyway, that she wants to start seeing her OUTSIDE of the small 2 and a half hour window that she has class. That would make me very happy.)

AND - my little guy has started pre-school!!! He only goes 2 days a week, I have him in the place my baby girl WAS in. The first week he clung to me when I dropped him off - but last week... he was just SO adorable! Just kissed me and waved bye - like such a big boy! And now - I have 2 days a week with 2 and a half hours in each day of free time! Tomorrow is his first day going in this week... so I hope he does as great as last week!

The rest of this week is going to be a bit crazy. My older brother is flying in from Texas on Wednesday. I won't actually see him Wednesday though, he is going into Manhattan to see a friend. Then from Thursday to early - E-A-R-L-Y Sunday he will be with me and my family. (I am so not looking forward to driving to Laguardia airport at 4 am.....) BUT - it is the first time he will meet my children. The first time he will see my home in NY... the first time he will meet any of my husband's family. This will be a trip too... he is going to meet my husband's Aunt Fran, and my munchkin's Uncle Glenn - and of course Amanda on St. Patrick's Day. (And I can't even have a DRINK to calm my nerves... [have I mentioned, I have discovered I have an actual allergy to alcohol - my face turns red and BURNS, then it moves to my throat... totally sucks.])

Mainly, I am just nervous about seeing my older brother for the first time in about 5 years. Really nervous.

So... think happy, good thoughts for me this week!!!

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Good night for now everyone!

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