Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fire and Water (Dream Log)

To follow right in the foot steps of my last entry... (yes, I set aside time to write tonight - GO ME!) This is a dream I had 2 days ago... I think.

Have I mentioned, when I am not dreaming... I want to. But - when I do... I really hate it!? Anyway... here goes:

Everything was dark - the blues and greens of this dream stood out, as did the oranges. Everything else was dark, black, gray and smokey.

I found myself, neck deep in water. In a barn, a peculiar barn, made more out of metal than wood, with one of those rounded tops, not pointed... like one of those pre-fab do it yourself things. Anyway - I was neck deep in water, surrounded by panicking horses. How the heck did THIS happen? I asked myself..........

And I was back in time...... only a few hours - being shown just how that predicament happened. It was my house (but it wasn't) and I was in rolling hills (which I do not live in) and a mile or so away was a large river, I was protected from by a dam. (I should have written this down right away, because some of this is fuzzy.) There was news that an attack was coming... and I ran up to the top of the hill, just in time to see the plane fly over. There was a terrible explosion, right on the dam, and as it broke... I saw the water begin to rush through the valley, right towards my home, with my barn full of horses behind it...

Then more bombs went off... and I realized with horror, these new bombs that were going off, were nucle@r. (Don't want to get googled for that.) And another went off, and another, 3 in front of me, 2 to my west, another to my South... I was encircled. I felt the Earth tremble... grabbed my children and ran. Did you ever see that movie Terminator - where she sees the kids at the park turn to dust - I saw a family across the street from us disintegrate, just like that. Yet me, and my children... we were fine. We ran for the barn, because our house was on fire... and the water from the dam hit us so hard......... but, it saved us. We got into the barn, where the current was not so bad, and stayed wet, to be safe from the fire. (This was a dream guys, I wasn't thinking about radi@tion, okay!) And there we were... holding on... myself, and my 2 children... neck deep in water, with our horses freaking out around us...

And.. I woke up.

SO - I don't want to dream tonight. I did not dream last night, but that did not stop me from waking up - seriously - about 20 times during the night. I would certainly like to NOT wake up a billion times tonight either. SO - just wish me luck!

Posted Date: : Mar 12, 2007 10:08 PM

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