Monday, September 10, 2012

A good Check up

So, I am going to try to change the subject back to my life in my writings now... that of course does not mean I am any less upset about everything transpiring in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama... I will just stick some links at the bottom, in place of another detailed rant.
So... my life. Well... things are going rather good I think. My sweet munchkins got to finally go for their check ups Saturday. They are very behind on their immunizations, and still we did not do them this weekend - we have to get the records from their old doctor. I just don't know how comfortable I am giving them the shots at all... but that is yet another slightly political rant... so I will spare you. Anyway... I am still in limbo over that. BUT, the very good news we got was about my baby boy.
We have known since his 2 month check up (the last "well visit" he had) that he had issues with his hydrocele's. And the specialist we saw just after that, made it sound like they were bad enough, that he would have to have surgery on them... but said to give it some time to be sure. Soon after we lost our insurance... So, we have had this cloud hanging over us for so long, knowing he would need this surgery... and I have paid attention to the "area" and though it looked like some of the fluid had gone down.. it seemed there was still a problem. Well - there isn't! Everything is just fine! And I feel like this big weight has been lifted off of us! The "fluid" I had thought was still there, was actually.. well.. chub. My little dude has a chubby "you know what." (Well.. not "it" but the area..)
My husband is home today... he finally got an extra day off... and the poor guy has been suffering the entire time, fighting off a cold! I think he is a little better today - and we plan to go to his mother's this afternoon. While we are over there... we are going to stop at the local McDonald's and set up my baby girl's birthday party for the 17th. She is going to be 3! I am still trying to figure out what all I am going to get her... (Barbie's are winning the race at the moment.)
I am dreading the birthday at McDonald's thing... but even if we could get his family to traipse out here to our place (not likely) - we don't really have the room for all of them. Normally we would do it on the deck, but these days doing it that way means my baby girl would just want to go in the pool... and the day would be way too stressful. And as for inside the house... that is a special kind of stress reserved only for Thanksgiving... and sometimes Easter. (The black typing against the background can't fully convey the lighthearted sarcastic only slight seriousness that statement is meant with...) Ok, no really.. I mean it.
So, I feel like my hands are tied. I am sure everything will go fine... I just miss the ease of doing it at home.
And I am just amazed at how much my babies are growing up. My little guy is spouting new words out each day.. and his little voice is more adorable than I even imagined it would be!
Ok... I think I am done for now...

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11:35 a.m.

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