Monday, September 10, 2012

The Long Lost Sandals

First off, let me say Thank you to Mr. Diaryland for finally fixing the private entries. The fact that the ones I have entered over the past few months have not been showing up, has been bothering me SO MUCH. And now... all is well with the world. Well... almost anyway... I did a "test" entry to make it show up again like suggested... and well.. all but one of my private entries seem to be well... gone. (Yikes...) So... heed my warning if you have been having the same problems... you might lose everything. (Though I am holding out hope it will all come back... I hope...)
And... for simple reasons I changed the password now that I finally was able to. Don't worry, nothing juicy going on in there right now... but I have been needing to do that for a while now, and couldn't. Once more, if you want it, chances are I will be happy to give it to you... just email me.

For more than three months now, I have been beating myself up... over my son's sandals. The day we left Illinois, I knew they were sitting on the stairs... for me to grab as we went out the door, along with my daughter's shoes. We were leaving before 6 am (around that time anyway) and I knew the kids would not need their shoes ON for a while. So, that morning, with everything we were trying to get done... getting all the last minute stuff handled, the blankets we had slept on into the truck... the snacks together for the kids, the animals crated and ready to go... it was a very nutty hour, to put it gently. Later in the day, I realized... my baby boy's sandals were gone. And I was so upset - because it had been so hard for me to find sandals that fit his funky wide feet... (yes, I admit it, my baby boy has very wide.. "duck paddle" feet... and I love him dearly for it.) I KNEW I remembered grabbing them up, and throwing them into my blue bag... and I KNEW I had checked the stairs where all my "grab and go" stuff had been just before walking out that door.
But they were no where to be found. And, over the past few months, I have re-checked the blue bag I *knew* I put them in a few times... and found nothing.
Well... guess what I found today? My baby boy's sandals!! I am so happy! Because all summer I have been looking for ones just like it, and have not found any.. so he has been wearing regular shoes and socks everywhere... in the heat. Now, there is only about a month more that he can wear them... but I am just happy to know I am not insane and I did bring them! Want to know where they were?
In the blue bag I knew I put them in.
Yeah... don't ask - I don't know how I managed that one either. In my defense, they were in the tiny front zippered pocket, that in searching before I probably either didn't see, or dismissed because it did not look like it opened up as big as it does.
That's about it for the excitement here today. I like days like this!
I just realized, I have not even mentioned in here my husband's big business trip next week. He will be gone so long too... I really think I just have not paid any attention to the trip yet, so I have not given myself a chance to worry! It won't be that bad though, the kids are great for me when I am the only one to tuck them in these days... and we really have no trust issues now... so I have nothing TO worry about. (Other than making sure the plane stays in the sky and that sort of thing.) He has to go to Houston (go figure) from Monday through Thursday. My poor munchkins are going to miss their daddy so much. I just hope the time flies by for them. Then after that we will have ONE day of "down time" - and then Saturday is my sweet baby girl's third birthday! The party ended up being on Sunday... so... I guess I should really soak in how calm today has been!
Oh, and reading this, every time I thought my jaw could not drop anymore... I read something more horrifying. If you have time, read it... I feel so bad for all of those poor people.

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