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Disastrous thinking fueling Disastrous Circumstances

j - 2005-09-01 17:33:11
you know what i did on 9-11? i played tag with my kids in the yard. just because something terrible is happening doesnt mean life cant go on. is bush supposed to cry his eyes out, glued to the tele? i would think that life would go on, despite tragedy. he got to it fast as he was able. he's a symbol, he's not running the country any more than voters made him president. anyways, in two months you'll forget all about this tragedy just like you forget about the tsunami, both equally tragic. give your 5 bucks to the red cross if it makes you feel better, but if you really wanna help, send it in 5 months when the media goes away and the money quits rollin in. people are lazy, if it isn't in their face they aren't doing squat about it. what are you doing?

**All poor grammar and spelling errors in the above text are not mine... just incase you were wondering.**
Ok.. wait... what?
No, maybe I didn't make that clear enough...


There are so many angles I can attack your nonsense with I don't even know where to start. But first off... you come at me like I have done some personal attack on you. Now, there is only one person then that I could think that would make you... (ok, 3 - but whatever) and if that is the case... you should at least have the "balls" to leave an email address... or a diary link - right? I mean, what is the point of throwing your opinion out there, if you are actually so unsure of yourself, to not even brand it your own?
I don't like cowards.
Anyway... "j" - in one comment entry (I did not list) you say you lost 4 people on 9/11 - you did? Because you were showing your care so very much, running around your yard with your children then. We all lost something on 9/11... don't sit there and pretend you have the "upper hand" in righteousness because you lost "4" people (which I honestly doubt). Last time I checked, this was not a competition for who can have the worst "poor me" story... not to mention - what are you even bringing 9/11 up for?
Bush/Chimp IS supposed to CRY HIS EYES OUT (not just for his carefully scripted photo ops) but he is NOT supposed to be "glued to the tele" - he is supposed to be in the middle of it... helping out. Showing those poor people they have a leader who is capable. What the hell took 6 days to get help to those poor people? Can you please tell me that? I have posted so many stories on my husband's news site today (in case anyone was wondering, I have taken on that duty since he is working such hard hours right now) - and with each one, I shed another tear, my stomach turns a little more... and I wonder... how can our "government" drop food, and water to Iraqi's - and not to it's own people?? 6 damn days. The trucks with the supplies are getting there, right with, or BEHIND the busses to get the people OUT of there, that actually need the supplies. Yes, that just makes TONS of sense. Or maybe you don't even know... I mean, you have already "gone on with your life" right? You hear another story of another innocent baby dying because our "government" did not get water down there in time, and you just change the channel, right? How nice of you. Tell me.. are you even "human?"

"He's not running the country any more than voters made him president" - you are just SO right here. He isn't. He is not running the country at all - and the voters did not make him President - he stole it - the way he stole lives and dignity by not forcing troops to New Orleans faster than this. I have never seen something more disgraceful.
Speaking of Disgrace. Why the hell is he not accepting aid? We give out billions of dollars of aid - and now the world is trying to give something back... and he refuses? What the hell is wrong with him?
I have not forgotten 9/11, I have not forgotten the Tsunami. I sure as hell will not "forget this" in a "few months" - how dare you presume to know anything like that about me. You also have no place assuming the amount of my contribution to the Red Cross. I didn't say the amount I contributed publicly because I have some class... $5 is nothing. You want to know... prove yourself something other than the coward you are and email me and ask. I would be happy to tell you then.
You disgust me.
I am so very sad with all of this. All of this.
Press conferences. More and more press conferences. Those poor people don't want some jack ass standing up their in their air conditioned room, wearing their perfect suit, spewing out more lies. They have been saying the troops were coming for days now... finally MAYBE they are there - but what took so long? We have known this could happen for so long now.. and yet instead, Bush cut the funding that could have stopped at least SOME of this. And then, did not even have a plan in place incase it DID happen.
Where is our "Department of Homeland Security" anyway?
Yet another anniversary of 9/11 is almost here. It has been 4 years since that horrible day. So how is it the "government" doesn't have  the capability to prepare for and then handle a large URBAN disaster, natural or terrorist made? What if this was NY, not New Orleans? There is very little difference between a terrorist attack that kills and hurts many people and forces a huge portion of a city uninhabitable, and the fallout this week from the New Orleans levees. A terrorist could have chosen a levee for his target. A dirty-bomb attack in New Orleans could have caused the same sort mass evacuation we are seeing and the widespread sickness that is likely to follow. How were we not prepared for this????
I am just so upset with all of this. People like "j" can change the channel, and go about the day like nothing is wrong... but then there are True Americans who see what is happening, and want to help. Even if they can't do anything at all... the desire says enough about the person.
I just don't understand.
Some additional comments from that thread are below, things I would say myself, but since they were already said... it is just easier this way:
Darci - 2005-09-01 19:41:26
Well, I'm not out playing tag in my yard saying "So what?, didn't happen to ME" After you have sent and forgiven billions of dollars in debt to another country, and are at war within another, you tend to move on. Katrina is fresh, and much more importantly, here, in your homeland, and the response the gulf has been given has been "a national disgrace" I notice you, yourself, have indeed not forgotten 9-11, since you brought it up right away. Your logic is fuzzy at best, and seems pointed at making people angry, especially the diary owner. How republican of you to take a tragedy and turn it to your own use.

Chris - 2005-09-02 08:16:53
J, who are you trying to kid? In your first post you make it very clear that you don't give one shred so long as it didn't happen to you. You think that because the media has stopped reporting on the tsunami, people have forgotten? Do you think that people are THAT glued to the television? If so, you live a very sheltered life. The President is NOT supposed to go on business as usual. He is SUPPOSE to stop everything and do his very damnedest to help his countrymen. When the tsunami occurred, what did he do? He immediately sent every possible bit of aid. An equally devastating phenomenon occurred on US soil, and what does he do? What does his administration do? Bush stayed on vacation for 2 days. Rice is STILL on vacation. So is Cheney. Bush sends help that will take DAYS to reach these people. We KNEW it would be a Cat 4 or better. We KNEW N.O. would be destroyed. Why wasn't he at his desk ordering Michael Brown (Director of FEMA) to set up truck in a safe location to respond on a moment's notice? Why didn't he order every available aircraft into LA over the weekend, when it was still safe, to fly those people out? You are suppose to go on with your life. Other than a donation, or actually going down there to help, there isn't much you can do. It's not your job to give unprecedented aid. Your job is taking care of your kids. His job is the Presidency of the United States. His job is to protect us, serve us, and help us. Being the President isn't a 9-5, weekends and Federal holidays off job. You have to be available 24/7. Oh, one more thing, if you didn't lose anyone in 9/11 then you just gave everyone who did a huge slap in the face. Thankfully I didn't lose anyone I knew. Even still, trying to gain false sympathy points to boost your point, which I assure you, you have none, is beyond deplorable.

PoeticaL - 2005-09-01 23:54:24
I agree with your comments. Furthermore I am angry at every fool idiot that says to me "Why did those people stay, how flipping stupid of them!" C'mon...some of these people were living from paycheck to paycheck and some of them were already struggling to survive prior to these storms. These are not largely affluent areas that are affected for the most part. These people did not have credit cards and savings to draw from to obtain airline tickets to fly out of town, nor did they have the educational background in all cases to be smart enough to come up with a plan of action that would have put them into a better situation. I live in Florida and if I get evacuated I will leave. I will drive until I can't drive anymore, but it would still be a struggle to make it happen. Some people are so bad off they can't even struggle their way out. But there for the grace of god go I.....people sitting in their living rooms need to think on a more critical thinking level.....and George Bush needs to get the hell out of his living room and do something already!!

3:01 p.m.

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