Monday, September 10, 2012

A home for Skittles

First off, I would love some feed back on my template change. I think I like it... though I probably will "tweak" a few things still. Just, if anyone has any trouble seeing the colors, let me know and I will adjust it a bit.
That said, today is a day I have been dreading the approach of. I knew a while ago it was inevitable though. We have had three cats for so long, and my oldest, the sweet deaf one Skittles has been having troubles using the same box as the other two. (They have several boxes, she would not use any of them.) And though she is the oldest, and the one I just did NOT want to give up on, she is the one that had to go. The other two are so good with the kids, and she did not have that going for her. So... currently my husband is on the way to New Jersey, to meet someone very sweet from a kitty foster home thing, and she will then drive her from there to Arcade, NY - which is one hell of a drive. I just hope my sweet Skittles understands, and knows I love her - and that hopefully this was the best thing to do. (I have such mixed feelings over this, she had been through so much with us, and I love her dearly, but the stress she was causing was just overwhelming.)
Speaking of stress... we are still waiting to hear back from the job my husband interviewed for twice last week. We *think* we are supposed to hear something today or tomorrow. I just hope he gets it. We need this so badly. Not only financially, but my husband needs it emotionally as well. If he is home much longer, I just feel like we are really going to implode.
My ankles are still swollen from my sunburn. The sunburn still "burns" - but thankfully not as bad as the first few days. I just keep kicking myself over it - I should know better! But, at least I made sure my babies didn't get burned at all. It just has me darn near immobile, and part of me just feels like I have NOT gotten a break since we got home. I know this is all my fault for not paying better attention, but first my back and hip were causing my extreme pain, then my unable to eat problem with my sinus infection, and now this. Can I get a break already?
Hopefully my break will come in the form of my husband getting that job - that would help us out more than I can even describe. We have reached the bottom... we have to go up from here. (Actually we reached the bottom in that horrible town in IL, but this is just a different sort of "bottom" - a financial one.)

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