Monday, September 10, 2012

First Beach Trip

Yesterday we had an absolute blast. And my babies got to go to a REAL beach for the first time! They were amazing. My little guy was not so sure about it part of the time, but still he had a good time too.

My only problem, is my damn sunburn. You would think as pale as I am, and have been my entire life, I would remember how to put sunscreen on right? I was so worried about making sure I kept reapplying it to the munchkins that I apparently somehow missed wired spots on myself. (The very good news, neither of my angels has any burn at ALL.) But me... I am another story. My ear (only one - weird) the back of my neck (because duh, my hair was up, common sense to put on sun block you would think right?) And I have the most ODD sun burn pattern on my legs and ankles I have ever seen. And geeze does it HURT. My ankles are all swollen from it too. And did I mention it hurts? I can barely stand up.

But, it is more than worth it because of the blast the babies had! And I still hope we get to go next weekend for my birthday too - as long as I am all healed from this last trip. Now I will remember how to put sun block on the next time... I have had a painful reminder now.

Now for the fun part... we went to Robert Moses State Park, and we were down there on the West end of somewhere.

It was so pretty! And the kids LOVED playing in the sand, and my baby girl thought the waves and water was just amazing! (Once she got used to it.) My little guy gave us this adorable picture, and this one too! And, there are a bunch more in there, if you just want to click through them. (I am so proud of my babies!)
Now I have to update the picture on my template!

1:27 p.m.

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