Friday, September 7, 2012

A milestone!

My sweet baby girl is on the verge of a huge accomplishment. She will be 2 in September. Two. Two. I can say that a million times and it still would not sink in. But she will be two.

When she was first born I would not allow my husband to even consider giving her a pacifier. Then she had moments where she was really, really difficult, and guess what helped... the pacifier. "Well, she won't be on that thing after she's 1." I would snap... and here she is, nearly 2, and she still uses her pacifier. Instead of using it less and less, she has seemed to want it more. So, that's it. We... well... more *I* and my husband sort of reluctantly agreed decided that enough is enough. I WAS going to take it away from her starting today... but yesterday on a whim I didn't allow her to have it for her afternoon nap - and she didn't do so badly. I expected ridiculous inconsolable crying that I would inevitably give into and give her the darn binky back - but it didn't work that way at all. She cried, and seemed REALLY mad for about 20 mins, until she was quiet. When I peaked in, she was sound asleep... on the floor, but sound asleep nevertheless.

So, as she slept the house was cleared of all visible pacifiers, and everyone knew when she woke up to not even THINK of mentioning it... and we made it through the day. Last night, she fussed for the same amount of time, and then fell asleep - this time in her bed. She probably would have slept through the night, had we not gotten a storm... and even then, she fussed for about 15 mins and went to sleep.

Today she is doing good. It breaks my heart... her little eyes are all puffy from the crying she has been doing - but this crying is different from the fits she would give me about her crib. She was terrified of her crib, so there was no way I could just let her cry through it... but this crying is different... it's more of a tantrum/pissed off/GIVE ME MY BINKY type of cry.

And I'm doing ok. And she is doing ok... and it's not even bothering my little guy to not have the pacifier as often because he doesn't seem to *need* it very often at all anyway.

I can't wait to be able to take pictures and not have to worry about that darn "plug" stuck in her mouth. Also... she seems so much more talkative the last day. We really are on the verge of something good here.

And just for shits and giggles... if anyone wants to know the torture called The Wiggles... Click here. It's my baby girls absolute favorite show... we watch it ALL the time... and I have every song memorized complete with the dance moves. (Can someone PULEASE send me a straight jacket?)

11:39 a.m.

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