Friday, September 7, 2012

Moving in slow motion

This weekend we finally went to see the lake... (Lake Michigan) We have been here since June and this was our first venture into Chicago together and our first trip to the lake. It is absolutely beautiful.

For just a few brief moments, everything slowed down. We enjoyed each other... there was no bickering, nothing to argue about, just a wonderful peaceful moment. (Then my munchkin got irritated with being stuck back in her stroller and the rush back to the truck commenced.) But it was amazingly peaceful.

I realized we need more time like that, which means we need more hours in the day which will never happen but it is at least something to work towards. Standing there on the shore of the lake, everyone was smiling, my baby girl was running around as happy as can be, feeling sand against her feet for the first time, and my little guy was loving the breeze, and my husband and I were just enjoying our babies being happy.

There was no "go go go" of cleaning the house, rushing my husband off to work, no baby tantrums... just us, in slow motion.

We had a few moments like that this weekend, and it was simply wonderful. I just hope we can hold onto those close and wonderful feelings all week long, until we have time to recreate them again next weekend... and I do plan on recreating them, somehow.

10:17 a.m.

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