Friday, September 7, 2012

A mouthful.

I was going to put this at the bottom of the entry, but then I realized, just in case this entry happens to piss anyone off, I am probably better off putting it at the top, in case anyone stops reading halfway through the entry. (Hopefully though everyone will be so enthralled you will just be compelled to read the entire thing - and yes that is sarcasm.) Anyway, I have opened a new diary, that will probably mainly be posted in by my husband, though I do plan on putting my thoughts in there as well... it is going to be politically based. So, if you want to know my and my husbands thoughts politically, go here. I am still adjusting links and such, so I am sorry if you find something not working or just screwy in general. It should all be straightened out in a day or so.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming:

Have I mentioned how absolutely NOT religious I am? Just in case I had not before... now I have. So taking that into consideration, let me tell you about a moment I had yesterday.

My step daughter was here from last Friday night through Wednesday night. Yesterday I was going through the house and straightening up, and in the crease on the couch I found what has to be her necklace. No big deal... right? But my first thought when I realized what the pendant was (a crown of thorns with a cross attached) I thought to myself "how disappointing." Now - I despise organized religion, in part because of their persecution of others beliefs, and here I was, doing exactly what I hate. Now, my disappointment was not directed in any way at my step daughter, she is merely doing what she has been taught/forced to do. My disappointment is more with her mother, and her "part time" religious practices. See, if you are going to convict yourself to something enough to force your children to practice it too, you should at least BE CONVICTED. The only person practicing lent in my stepdaughters other home? Is my innocent step daughter.

But now God forbid (excuse the pun) WE actually have my step daughter for Easter (never has happened) because they *have* to go to church. I just don't get it. Is what I am saying making any sense here?

Meanwhile, my children will be raised being forced to worship no one. As they get old enough to understand, I will teach them how I feel about life and creation, and my husband can teach them about his Christianity. Then they can make their own choices. (But if any of those whacko "you will worship God or your going to hell" freaks ever attacks one of my kids they can expect my foot up their ass along with a good dose of reality i.e.: they can keep their pompous self absorbed ["we" were created in God's image, what about the other billions of planets? They are empty? What the hell?] bastard blood thirsty [Holy wars? Hello?] sick freak God and shove it. Nobody tells my beautiful innocent children they are going to hell - no matter how old they are... because they are and will be good people.

I believe, that IF there is a "God" in "the end" I will not be persecuted for how I feel, and all my questions, and lack of beliefs, because I am and always will be a good, morally correct person, therefore if some nut job serial killer can reach the pearly gates and be admitted simply for asking forgiveness, I should be a shoo in. And if I am not, to hell with it, I don't want that God anyway.

Phew.. it felt good to say that. (Easter.. everyone is so much more "religious" at Easter.)

Meanwhile, I love Easter too... Cadbury Eggs and Spring - you can't go wrong!!

11:25 a.m.

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