Friday, September 7, 2012


I have been completely neglecting diaryland recently. But, I am back, I think.

My husband has been mentioning more and more that he thinks we should consider leaving New York, for either our former Houston, TX, or possibly South Florida. It has been nearly impossible for him to find a stable secure job with long term possibilities since he lost his job in January. We are staying afloat financially... but we have the constant worry of when will the money stop coming... it's making both of us nuts. He went on a job interview yesterday, that seemed to go well... though we have said those exact words before. We are staying optimistic. The guy is supposed to get back to him on Tuesday - so cross your fingers for us.

On other fronts... his dad should be coming home from the hospital today. We are not exactly sure of the next step to take medically with him from here. The doctors are talking about surgery to remove a blockage in his heart... but that is in debate at the moment. So, hopefully we can get him healthy, and he will stay that way.

My step daughter will be here from tonight through Wednesday, she has her spring break this week. I am hoping this goes well... normally she and I get at each others throats when she stays past a weekend... and I have said before I would try to make sure it didn't happen like that, and yet it did. I think I should try a different approach, but I am not sure what... I want, and need to be here "friend" as well as someone she gives the respect of a parent figure...

This is turning into a list I just realized. I'll be back later, hopefully with more exciting things to say.

12:19 p.m.

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