Friday, September 7, 2012


Yesterday I wanted to come in here and post an entry about how happy and relieved I was about my husbands job situation. I didn't have time to though. Monday he went to New Jersey for an interview, his second with this company, and when he left, he left awaiting a written offer to be emailed to him, but it was only a "formality" and a hand shake and a "See ya next Monday."

Today, has been very stressful, to say the least.

My daughter has had a fever/cold since this weekend, and today she had a major, major case of the crankies, so the day started by my husband taking her to the doctor. Next on the agenda was a stop for him at the accountant, which is never good at tax time.

Well, thankfully my daughter does not have strep, just a nasty virus. And, somehow, some way we are getting money back this year. The refinance we did last year, plus having the baby... we aren't just getting money back, we are getting an amazing $11,600 back. (Yes, my jaw dropped too.) After they take out the $2000 something we still owe from last year, we will actually have enough to put some into savings, some away for our hopeful/planned vacation this summer and have some to truly catch up on some bills with. After the hellacious day I had had, that was music to my ears.

Why is it when you hear something wonderful, a black cloud always has to appear??? My husband had not even been home 10 minutes when his cell phone rang. It was the guy that "hired" him to start on Monday. After making a call to my husband's former company, they needed to tell him not to come in Monday, that they would let him know for sure if he has the position or not next week, as they need to pursue another interview. "Just to make sure he is the right fit."

Ummm - What. The. Fuck.  ???

My husband is saying "don't worry about it, I got the job, it's just formality..." And I am saying, obviously, he didn't get the job. Either he is being extremely naive, or I am just in a shitty mood from my ruff day and am being overly negative. Either way - What. The. Fuck.

Somefucking body is out to get him at his former job. Now, we have been through this, it did not (on paper) have anything to do with the whore he fucked on his "company business trip" in January. He said they gave a bunch of off the wall things that was "bad" about him when the guy from his prospective employer called... I just don't understand it. Either my husband is not telling me the entire story and something is going on from his previous employer he REALLY does not want me to know... or someone there just has one hell of a personal vendetta against him, and he truly does not know why.

If this job deal falls through, it is really bad. This was like our last hope for keeping the house we are in, and staying in NY, close to the family we need to be close to. Prior to my husband getting this set of interviews, he was asking me to check out rental rates in Houston, TX. I *don't* want to move out of NY. Period.

I just want to cry.

9:33 p.m.

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