Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A new door opened?

Yesterday was weird. It had it's ups and downs... the band my husband plays in on the side has asked him to do some shows this month - (I thought I had an actual month off... oh well.) Which is fine... but there is at least one of the two that I won't be able to go to... and I am just "thrilled" about that... ~Another trust test, here we come.~

Then his friend was over last night (from the band) and when he went to go home... his car would not start... but we all made the best of it. (First thing this morning he tried the car, it would not start, they went to the auto store and came back ready to tow it... and it started, go figure.)

Last night though, was very good. My husband and I have been saying that we were going to start trying for our second child, probably in May. I have always wanted 2 close together, and he has as well. Well... we may have opened THAT door to our future a little earlier than expected, but it will be at least a little more than a week before we can know for sure. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited... but I also don't want to get too excited and obsess over it, and then be disappointed if it's not.

I just know it is very important for me to stay in good spirits about this, if it turns out I am... because it would bring up a lot of memories from my pregnancy last year, that I would rather not be reminded of, and I hope he knows how important that is for me, and how much "extra" I'll need him to be around for me.

2:38 p.m.

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