Saturday, September 8, 2012

A pool of... mud

Hey... make sure you read this entry too!
At 7:00 am this morning we had a thunderstorm. It is the middle of January - we are NOT supposed to have a thunderstorm now. Thunder SNOW... now that's fun... we may even get some of that tonight, even though it is currently 57 degrees outside. Can we say January thaw anyone?
That said... my back yard is a giant mud pit. The snow that does remain, is merely acting like the walls of a bathtub would, containing the water... all the more fun for the dogs to go chase one another through. Yes... I will buy stock in Resolve (carpet cleaner) this weekend. Big black bear (ok dog) prints are ALL over the carpet.
In an act that honestly, completely surprised me, Monday night, my husband was supposed to go to this after work have a drink "thing" with the people at his office. My husband is NEVER one to turn down a moment like that. Before leaving his office to go to it, he called me... and I had been having issues all day.. I wasn't feeling well... and my daughter was just acting... well.. her age. And it was really wearing on me. Apparently he could hear it in my voice (not to mention her yells in the back ground) and called me a bit later... on his way home. He did not even go - he came straight home to give me a hand. And by that time... I had them under control... but he still came home. It's the little things like that he has been doing recently... really just mean the world to me.
I hope everyone likes my little photo thing down at the bottom there... I LOVE that thing! Maybe I will even get brave and stick a picture of myself in there...

1:15 p.m.

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