Friday, September 7, 2012

A ruff day

So last week I had it all figured out... or so I thought. Then, late Saturday night, or early Sunday morning my baby girl awoke in the middle of the night... normally this is no big deal, generally (at least since the baby was born) my husband goes in and calms her down, and very quickly she is back asleep. This time was much, much different. The poor baby was burning up. So I called my husband in to help her and give her Tylenol because I had to stay in our bedroom in case the baby woke up.

My poor husband ended up staying at her side the rest of the night. Yesterday she was miserable all day. Thankfully though my husband really took the reins with her, and stayed by her side as much as she needed... so I could tend to the baby - we are hoping we have managed to keep the "cooties" away from him. So far... so good.

So, now last weeks "routine" has - temporarily - been destroyed. But so far I have managed to keep the crying to a minimum, and I have washed my hands so darn many times they feel very dry - I just hope I can keep the germs from spreading on my own. Right now my sick little angel is "snoozing" in her high chair, that I have pulled into this room and reclined all the way... and my little man is sleeping in his play pen/bassinet.

I just hope I can keep the peace until my husband gets home.

1:21 p.m.

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