Friday, September 7, 2012


I realized in my earlier entry I completely forgot to mention the SNOW. Oh did it snow this weekend! The final total for my town was something slightly over 20 inches. Now, that's a LOT of snow! Saturday afternoon I even heard one clap of thunder.

Being from Texas originally... snow has, at least in my past... been "precious" - IF it did snow during the winter (happened twice that I can think of) it melted the next day and certainly was not enough to make a snow man with. So... I LOVE the snow. Every time is snows my husband asks me if I am sick of it "yet." And, of course, I'm not. I doubt I will ever get sick of it.

So, currently letting the dog out is a bit of a challenge as the drift is nearly up to the roof on that side of the house - though yesterday we managed to get him a path... and the snow is waist deep in many spots.

I just love it. Now I just want my baby girl to feel better.

Well... my little man is still snoozing away, but my angel has awakened... and is clearly still miserable. I hope she gets better soon.

1:33 p.m.

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