Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A simple memory

It's amazing how certain smells or tastes can warp me backwards in time. This morning... (well... it was more like noon) after I fed my daughter her breakfast, I actually made myself a bowl of cereal. I say "actually" because I rarely eat cereal... but even less often do I cut up banana's to put in my cereal. This morning I did.

It was amazing - the first bite I took... it was like I time traveled back to when my grandmother was alive. Whenever I would see her... stay over or whatever, she would ask me "what do you want for breakfast tomorrow" and I would tell her something like "Mimi I don't normally eat breakfast..." and she would say "oh honey - you HAVE to eat breakfast" and no matter how much I argued... the next morning when I got up - all prepared and ready for me would be a big bowl of cereal... complete with freshly cut up banana's inside it. And of course I would eat it - normally beside my sweet grandmother, at her dining room table in her perfectly kept house.

I am so happy I have such good memories of her to look back on. I just with I could have shared my daughter with her... but I am sure somehow she is around me today.

Anyway - I can't write much more right now... for the first time I have my munchkin crawling around on the floor in the computer room with me... playing with her toys... instead of in her swing.... WOW has she gotten good at this "crawling thing!!"

Be back later!!

2:27 p.m.

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