Saturday, September 8, 2012

A tummy ache

My poor babies have a stomach bug. They have had "bathroom issues" for the past 2 days. I, and I am sure my husband is too... am so very tired of changing "those" types of diapers. And my little girl, she has been SO very cranky. I am sure some of it is her "terrible two's" but I am sure a huge factor must be that she isn't feeling well. I feel so bad when they are sick... I just want to wave a magic wand and make it all better.
They are growing so much and so fast it amazes me more and more every day. I have had a lot of time with them this past week, I have tried to avoid rushing around like I have been doing so much recently, and they just make me so very happy. My little guy - he is only 11 months old, he is so little (to me) and he is now walking around the house so good. He is way ahead of his sister on that one... she just barely started walking on her first birthday.
I want to give them everything. I look at them, and I just get this amazing feeling inside me - and I know that no matter what... everything will be ok. My sweet, sweet babies. They have grown so much over the past week too - my son with an obvious growth spurt... and he stabilized his walking so much... but my baby girl has too. She is saying her brother's name much better.... and she takes so much pride in trying to help me with him... she tells him "no, no Aian" (Aidan) and gives him his bottles, and they are really truly starting to play together. And she is only 2... but she is just doing SO much now.
They just mean so much to me.
As for everything else... we are still uncertain, about virtually everything. Are we moving to Florida? We don't know... and probably won't until at least Monday. But I am just going to try to enjoy the weekend... tonight will be the quietest Friday we have had in a while, it will be just myself, husband and children... my friends kids have a bug circulating and we want to try to not pass it back and forth. So... a quiet night of pumpkin carving.... then the kids will go to bed and just maybe, my husband and I can sit, and watch a movie together - without interruption. That would be so very nice.
I am looking forward to my baby girl going "trick or treating" for the first time Sunday too. If I don't update until Monday... everyone please, please think good thoughts for us for my husband on the job front. We NEED something to work out.

5:16 p.m.

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