Tuesday, September 11, 2012

All moved in!

I can't believe I finally have a moment to update! And now that I finally have time... everything that has happened since I last wrote seems too overwhelming to put into one entry. I don't even know where to start!
To condense it into one sentence - I adore my new house!!!
As for everything else... moving went well... I feel like I am just now getting to know my new home... finding a place for everything and all of that. I spent the past week cleaning and scrubbing the old house to have it in great shape for the new owners walk through. Even still... I have sort of felt like I lacked closure on that house. It had become my nemesis - and I thought I would have an extra day to say good-bye. But... at the closing they really needed to move in RIGHT AWAY. We were in all actuality done with the place... just had a few pieces of furniture to put to the street... which they were willing to do. So... that was that. That was on Wednesday of last week. And on Thursday I just felt like an emotional WRECK. Everything was finally done. The house were in is OURS. The old house really, truly was NOT ours anymore. I just felt all out of sorts. Slowly on Friday I finally started to relax... and then yesterday I felt like we were barely home.
I just love this place. Everything fits perfectly. I have to post pictures of it all. We have a few key new pieces of furniture which have just made it that much more enjoyable! (Yay! No more ripped gross sofa! [Neo ate it as a puppy... I had patched it, it needed a proper burial over a year ago...]) So much work has gone into the paint in the main rooms here... it is a cool faux suede finish... and I did the kids rooms right before we moved in. My baby girls walls are pink and purple, and I have one corner with magnetic paint under the color... and a big chalk board on the other. And my little guy got light blue and green walls... and one big red wall! He also has a corner that has magnetic paint, and a big chalk board. I am still working on getting their shelves up... after that I will take pictures of their rooms and post them. Oh! And I found these cool wall stickers from the movie "cars" that looks awesome in my little guys room!
And to make everything even more perfect... since we moved in outside it has felt completely like fall! The sun is out today, so maybe we will get to meet a neighbor or two! It has been so cool at night I have felt like decorating for Halloween... but it is still way too early for that I know. I am just so happy to be done with summer! All the maple trees in our backyard I am sure are going to put on a wonderful, colorful show for us by the end of the month.
My little girl is going to be 4 in 14 days. That just blows my mind. I am not even sure what to give her for her birthday... I know we will take her out to eat, somewhere that all the waiters will sing to her and such... she will adore that. And I will make her a cake here and we will do something small. But she doesn't really know anyone well enough from school to invite them over for a "party" at all. So.. I think small and simple will be the theme this year. And I am more than fine with that.
Ok, I have been all over the place with this entry. I will stop here... but hopefully tonight I WILL post pictures! At least some for now!

1:45 p.m.

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