Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Boxes, and packing, and moving!

I got up on the wrong side of 6 am again today. I know to many, many people that is a normal occurrence so I should basically shut my trap and stop my whining. But I am just feeling so friggin tired... darn it! [Insert childish foot stomp here...]
I have yet to get into a good packing "groove." And there is one week left to go. But my problem is... there is actually a week and a half left to go. And I am used to kicking it into high gear right at the end, so we live the minimal amount of time in "camping" mode. And this time, right at the end I will be at the new place painting... so everything needs to be packed already - so the family will be "camping" during the day without me. Which really is not that bad. And then I keep remembering it is not like this is some cross country trek like our last move... I can just jam the essentials into the back of the truck at the last moment. But that just would feel so unorganized. See my dilemma?
I think today will be better. I have the big boxes I have been waiting on... as soon as I get the back bedroom done, I should have smooth sailing from there. And I plan to finish that room today. (It has been like storage since we got back here from Illinois last year.)
And I am feeling totally scatterbrained by the constant friggin pain I am in. Since I began going to the Chiropractor, my hip had gotten much, much better. Until 2 weeks ago. And I had no idea what had triggered it to start hurting so damn much again. And then I realized (with a shearing pain running down my leg as I hit the brake in the truck) that I have been driving literally 500 percent more in the past few weeks. Now that my baby girl is going to school... I am not just running to the Chiropractor and back 3 times a week. I am running there, then over to Jillian's school, then home. Then back to her school, then home again. Plus in all that I have been running more errands in the middle somewhere. And the motion of accelerator to brake and back again - constantly - is causing me my problems. And it's making me totally miserable. But going to the doctor for pain pills is just not "do-able" right now. And I am very frustrated.
Ok, enough complaining. As long as I focus on the goal - getting into our new home - everything else will fall into place.
I know I had more to say... but I can not think of it anymore. Oh well.. until next time!
Wait... I just re-read this and realized it makes me sound very down. And I am not - at all. (Just over the pain I am in.) But I AM very excited to get into the new place... go over there and paint it - spend our first night there. Watch the leaves change in my new pretty back yard, build up the garden all around the house. I am also super excited to get our new bed, we should get it within a week of moving in. I am excited about the new couches... and eventually the new dining set and TV unit. (We are re-doing nearly all of our furniture... our stuff has taken beating after beating, with move after move...) So I have an intense amount to look forward too... and I DON'T want to sound down! (I just hurrrrrtttttttt.)

8:29 a.m.

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