Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An Emotional 24 hours...

This has been a crazily emotional 24 hours for me. It started out tamely enough. Yesterday morning our goal was to go look for furniture for the new house. My husband was after alternatives for the things we had already picked out. But I was in love with the things we had already picked out. (He was just worried about the price tag of getting it ALL at once.) So, we went one place, and nothing called to me at ALL. So, we went back to see the things I knew we had liked. And I nearly cried - it was ALL gone. All of it had been discontinued in the 2 months it had been since we chose it. Stuff the guy had assured us would be there, because they were best sellers and had been there "forever."
So... we have to start from scratch on our furniture search. And I was so bummed, I just wanted to go right home.
Later yesterday, I actually got a reply on my Kali that did not seem like some weirdo. We have been looking for a home for her - I feel like a huge disappointment to her for it.. but we had too. I have not had enough time to devote to training her, and it is just not fair to her, or us. My husband has been stressing me out non-stop over it. And my other dogs had been fighting not really "over" her - but just because she was around. Well, yesterday we got a good, actual reply. So, last night found myself and my husband driving all the way into Manhattan to give her to the girl that wanted her. It felt like it happened so fast. The girl that took her is very sweet though, and as long as Kali gets with the program fast.. I am sure everything will work out good for her. It just gave me a bit of a heartache. Even more than I expected actually. I thought I would just feel relief. But I was really just sad by it all.
Then there was this morning. My sweet baby girl's first day of school. To her, it all just came naturally. We got there, she kissed us both, and ran off into her classroom. She right away sat right next to the teacher and got started on what the children that had arrived already were doing. She saw us through the glass a few times and gave us her gorgeous smile... we waved, and slipped away. My husband said "this happened way too fast." And he was right.
Now I am sitting here, with just my little guy. Today will be pretty laid back - it is too darn hot to do much - as I am sure the rest of the week will be too. (Wednesday we are supposed to reach 100 - what the hell is THAT all about!?!?) But I will start to make my time with just my little guy special for him too... he deserves some time with just his Mommy. Jillian had 14 months of it before her brother came into the world... now, he gets to get a little too. So I am excited about that. But I still have to get over that my baby is in school.
An extra very happy note - the house we are buying is supposed to be vacant and ready for us 2 weeks from tomorrow!! Then I will take a few days to go paint a few of the rooms the colors we want them... (I am going to do light pink and purple in my Jillian's room, and I am not sure of the colors for Aidan's room yet... I want "boy" colors, but nothing dark or too bright - suggestions anyone..??) And I am going to paint large chalkboards in each of their rooms. Growing up I had a big chalkboard I LOVED. I want to give them the same thing. And chalkboard paint is no more complicated than regular paint is. So... my excitement for the move is really picking up - I just wish the 15th was HERE already!!
Well... I leave you with a parting picture of my sweet Jilly... all dressed and ready for her first day or pre-Kindergarten this morning!
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And some extra pictures.. because I had too!(Just click on them to see them larger!)


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