Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Living in a Rainforest, Located on the SUN

It is hot. And it is humid. And did I mention it is HOT!? I am so ready for October. The END of October. You step outside and you can't even inhale. Yuck. I am so happy to be up North... at least I only have to deal with a few weeks of this total... not the months of it we had in Texas. Still... it is too hot to do anything. I am even ordering in pizza for dinner because cooking would heat the house up way too much... and the air conditioner is not staying ahead of the game as it is.
Okay, enough complaining about the weather. (Is it Fall yet??)
My sweet little girl is doing WONDERFULLY in school. She is enjoying it, and just has a constant smile on her face over it! The teacher told me today she was actually impressed with how much Jillian knows, the numbers she can read and that sort of thing. She is just taking sort of the loner route so far... which is one thing I did not expect. Hopefully once she gets more comfortable with her surroundings she will make friends and such too. In the meantime though, I am just SO proud of her!!!
Our move date was pushed back a week... (insert SCREAM here...) But maybe that is good, that I don't have to pack like a crazy woman in this heat. Just hopefully the heat subsides some so that next week I can pack like a crazy woman anyway... without the heat! Now they will be out on the 22nd. So right away I am going over there to paint the kids rooms, and then we are moving in! I am going to shave at least a day off my leisurely painting schedule though, because now that our move in is pushed back a week.. I just want to get it DONE with!
I can't wait to be there, and take pictures, and all that fun, fun stuff!! We are doing a walk through tomorrow - so at least I get to see the inside of it again for a quick mini-fix!

4:25 p.m.

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