Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An up and down day.

Why can't I just have a day that is all good - no bad involved? Take today for instance, I get up to the roof leaking... the "fixed" roof leaking. Great... so down goes my mood. I check the mail and realized the escrow refund check we have been waiting on from our refinance is not here yet and I expected it today... so my mood drops further down. Then Home Depot calls and gives me the carpet price from the measurements they took... it's $160 more than I figured... and so it drops down some more.

Then I hear my husband finally got in touch with the guy that patched the roof, and he will be here Saturday... so that is not so bad - so I will be delayed by two days in painting - but I will still have it all done in time for my daughters birthday party. And I have figured that we will simply use the escrow refund towards the carpet, and worry about paying my mother-in-law back later on in the month. (She was expecting a big portion of the check...) But you know what - I have to take care of my family first... and I HAVE to get the carpet done so my baby girl can have the floor back to crawl around on. So... I figure we will simply LIE to my mother-in-law and tell her we have not gotten the check yet... no big deal. So my mood is gradually getting better.

Then I find my sweet baby girl HAS gotten another bottom tooth... (remember a day or so ago I mentioned I thought one might be coming in?) so I decide to call my husband and see what time he is coming home, plus give him that wonderful news... I made the mistake of asking him what time he was coming home first... he says "I'm not getting out of here before 8pm at the earliest..." Ok - say WHAT? So he gets an attitude and says he told me he was working late - yeah... late means 7ish to me... and when HE says "8pm at the earliest" it MEANS 9pm - I'm not stupid. And that just boggles my mind. You have to set limits... that puts him THERE 13 hours out of the day... not to mention his commute time... I just can't stand it. So - down goes my mood again...

So - I had totally gotten off subject and did not even get to tell him about our baby girl's new tooth...

THEN his older daughter called me (looking for him obviously) and I got to speak with her momentarily, and asked her about school, and set up a time for him to pick her up tomorrow... (and here I will mention as we were closing on the phone I made sure to tell her "I love you" and she ignored me... ) But now I called him back, to tell him she had called, and that she told me about school and everything... and he mentions he is "actually almost out the door"... so when I asked him what changed, instead of at least telling me - he says "I am on 3 other calls, I'll talk to you later" - and just hangs up. That makes me nuts. Why do *I* get pushed to the side? He is already there more than he is here - and even when he is here so much of his time is spent sleeping... the least I could get is more phone time, right?

7:12 p.m.

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