Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Water torture.

Sometimes this house makes me crazy. It seems every time we try to do something to it, or fix something, it's like we open up a can of worms that won't shut.

We have gotten the kitchen painted - and it looks great... never mind that in the process while trying to replace the ceiling fan we discovered that the one that was up there was probably only a few sparks away from catching the house on fire. So, we were unable to put a new fan back up there - that would have required an electrician, and gobs of money... so instead a friend helped us put up a florescent light - though he scared the crap out of me with his last words before he left: "Just PLEASE call an electrician soon though..." AND... by the way I think I hate the new light. Well, I don't know. One moment I feel like it's "ok" and the next I don't. It kind of makes everything have a "blue" tinge to me - I am hoping I can find different bulbs for it or something.

So that was one unexpected issue... and then the other night when the guy came to patch the roof - we discovered another. Apparently, we need an entirely new roof. So, "for now" (until Spring) he just did the best he could for the hole where the wood burning stove came up... and last night we patched the sheet rock, and I was so excited because we were on pace to have the entire room painted by the end of this weekend - so that meant all that would be left is the carpet, and that is due to be installed next week.

Well, today it's raining. No big deal, right? I climbed up on the step ladder ready to do the second coat of spackle on the seam of the sheet rock patch and realized it looked a little "brown"... I followed it all the way around the seam until my eyes focused on a little droplet of water, and watched it fall to the ground, and land in a small puddle.

So, now I sit here listening to the rain outside... and the water dropping into the bucket on the floor... hoping the roof guy calls back very soon, and can miraculously make it out here tomorrow - to save the rest of the sheet rock, and not throw my schedule off too much.

I tried to pull the piece of sheet rock down, but somehow it seems to be stuck, so the water is also getting on the good sheet rock up there - and I see a brown spot forming. I guess we will have to replace it with an even bigger piece.

I hope he can fix it tomorrow. Maybe even tonight?

1:31 p.m.

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