Saturday, September 8, 2012

And in the 11th hour

It's odd how things happen, that can put a sliver of doubt in your mind about the path you are taking... and that "doubt" can become a world of it's own... in a way full of excitement and new "adventure" - yet at the same time... such a deviation from the path you had set yourself on... it just feels off somehow... but right too.
Let me explain...
Here I am, packing like an insane woman... worrying about where the hell we are going to go when we get to NY, because I *know* that's where we are going, and I know we are going there sooner rather than later. Earlier this week we pushed off my landlord's "official" eviction papers... but I figure he WILL show at the door with them tomorrow.... and things are just a little bit on the insanely hectic side here...
And today my husband gets this amazingly promising, nearly to good to be true offer from a company - in Florida.
So... now what the hell do we do? I feel like everything was just turned upside down. My husband and I both have gotten so far into the mind set that we are going to NY, it feels like there is no turning back. But this offer... and then, why the hell go to NY if we actually have no where to go? Tomorrow is truly "D" day for us. Tomorrow we will hear from our tenants if they are leaving by the 30th or not (because they have yet to pay rent for the month) or we send someone to the court to file eviction papers... and everything seems to be riding on that.
And my husband insists no matter what he wants to go to NY - but I could see the excitement building in him tonight as he looked at pictures of South Florida. And I will go anywhere right now, as long as it offers stability for my family.
I just don't know. This road has so many twists and turns these days I can't even keep things together.
I had so much more to say in this entry, but it has gotten so late. I suppose I will leave you all in suspense for tomorrow's entry then...

12:25 a.m.

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