Saturday, September 8, 2012

And Purgatory took out an Insurance Plan...

So, Sunday night (Sunday, February 27th) I set out on the task to put together our new, very pretty computer desk together. (We got it very cheap through a friends job, and ours was literally falling apart more and more each day.) My friend, who got the same desk, and had put hers together just days before came over to help me out... I disconnected my computer, and moved it to a safe place (remember this for later) and we took the old desk outside, in the very cold rain, and put it on the street. All the hard stuff was done, and the desk was beautiful. My friend went home. And it was so late at night.
My husband and I began to move the desk to the corner - where it belongs... and heard a horrible loud snap. My heart sank. A glance under the desk (corner desk) showed the corner support, had split. Many bad words (and I was near tears) later, we thoughts if we very, very carefully lifted it the rest of the way to the corner that we could just reinforce it. So, I crawled under it at it's least stable point and lifted it up, and we started to move it. The piece then cracked completely in two. And my heart sank further...
So, with my husband very carefully supporting the rest of the desk so no other damage could be caused, I dismantled it into three big pieces, and we moved it to the other room. (Out of the reach of my very curious munchkins.)
Aside from the panic about the desk, now I wondered where to put the computer. The old desk had fallen apart (as expected) in removing it from the house.
So, we brought in a patio table from the rain, (did I mention it was a very cold rain?) dried it off, and set up the computer. It was probably 2 am at this point. I knew the kids would give mea nervous break down over the wires, but with all my husband's job searching, we needed the computer.
So, I hooked it all up, and turned it on. Nothing happened. I checked the wires, and hit the button to turn it on again... nothing at all. My heart hit the floor. I was going over and over in my head, unhooking the computer, setting it gently aside, hooking it back up. NOTHING should have damaged it.
At that point, I pulled out my trusty (but rarely used) bottle of xanax, and we went to bed.
All night, the pain in my hip was excruciating... reminding me how I need to lose weight, and get to a doctor. But I am getting off subject here...
Morning rolled around all too soon... bringing with it some logical calm... and yet even more inner hysteria. At least part of the time.
The broken piece for the desk has been reordered, and this time I am going to hopefully reinforce it right away. And after much stress with dell on the phone, we came to the "resolution" that, though highly odd and improbable, the internal power supply went out on the computer.
And guess what?? Our one year "everything in the world" is covered warranty, expired two weeks ago. Thankfully, my husbands mother came to the rescue, and the $40 piece should be here within a week. Hopefully
So, I sit here, grabbing a few moments of cherished time to write, in my Barnes and Noble Starbucks. When we move, I will miss this place.
Moving. This should warrant it's own entry, yet I have no clue when I will even get to post this.
I am ready to get out of here. We had decided to not have my husband go on the TX interview... we want to be closer to the North East - but now he has taken to the mind set of having "nothing to lose" by going. I guess I agree with that - though I just don't want to end up in Houston right now.
Hopefully I will get to write more soon. It is getting late, and I have groceries to grab. Hopefully I will get to post this soon too.
Hopefully we will find our way out of this purgatory soon - no matter what obstacles it may throw in our way.

11:45 a.m.

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