Saturday, September 8, 2012

Baby bedrooms & Fire alarms

My son is sound asleep... taking his nap like the little angel that he is.
Why does it merit mention here today? Because he is in his own room. Sound asleep. I moved the crib in there this morning... and he fussed a little when I first put him down which he has not done recently... but then he settled right down and went to sleep. My sweet baby boy... he is growing so fast.
Now I am just concerned about tonight. I wanted to get this done yesterday so I would have one night where, if he woke up and such, I did not have to worry about my husband having to get up early for work the next morning... but, things just did not work out that way. So... I hope he sleeps soundly all night tonight. Though... I am not counting on it. He has quite the habit of waking up once, maybe twice a night, thirsty. So when I would try to just leave his bottle in his crib with him, he would have issues finding it... so I have been handing it to him and he would settle right back down...
Well... now it will not be so easy to just "hand it to him" because he will be down the hall... So I will leave the bottle in his crib, and cross my fingers he finds it before waking up his sister who's room is now located RIGHT beside his.
If he really fusses... I will have to go "rescue" him and hand him the bottle... because at least for his first night in his new, unfamiliar surroundings I don't want him to get overly anxious. Then again... maybe I am just trying to curb my own anxieties about sending my baby boy all the way down the hall on his own...
On another note... we were awakened in a frightening way around 4:30 am today... with our down stairs smoke detector blaring. It took both of us a few minutes to even figure out what the heck we were hearing... finally my husband went to check, and everything was fine... the darn thing was just blaring away. It was even one we had taken OFF it's mount and placed under the kitchen sink. And it was just having a hell of a fit... thankfully the kids slept right through it all... but as my husband was downstairs trying sleepily to shut the obnoxious thing off... I was upstairs waiting on "grab the kids, get out of the house" - into -2 below weather mind you... thankfully though, nothing of that sort was needed. I would just love to know what caused the thing to go ballistic for no reason... that was really unnerving.

1:44 p.m.

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