Friday, September 7, 2012

"Baby steps"

I am really sad to see this weekend end. Though it certainly has had it's share of stressful moments, for the most part it's been wonderful. My husband and I have been needing a weekend like this for a while.

Friday started out wonderfully, my husband had taken the day off work, and for Valentine's Day gave me a trip to the spa. I got a massage and everything! It was wonderful! We spent the rest of the weekend mainly relaxing at home, and putting things together... we just got a new computer desk, and FINALLY a new computer. (And I am so so SO happy with this computer!)

When I put things together, I generally get very stressed, I curse and put on quite a show - but my husband handled my outbursts wonderfully this time... seeing as I am the one between us who has the patience to do it... he was there by my side every time I needed him.

He asked me the other day if I would mind if he would do entries in my diary as well... he does not have enough time to keep up a diary of his own, but here and there he does like to write. So, that is what the two previous entries are... and yes, that *is* a picture of the inside of my house in the previous entry... and the roses he gave me for Valentine's Day.

This has been a great weekend. I don't want it to end. Like I said in my last entry... we have this wonderful "spark" between us right now... and I just need us to hold onto that. Because, things seem to really be going in the right direction for once...

5:30 p.m.

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