Friday, September 7, 2012

Baby Update

Its been hard for me today. Earlier I wanted to write an entry all about my babies... to lift my spirits, but I couldn't, because my baby girl has been very needy all day with a bit of a fever.

I am just feeling really down - and I can't really pin point the reason. I mean, sure I have reasons to be "down" - but I have been trying so hard to get past those. I have been back to that sort of lonely, overwhelmed feeling though. Right now, I would be perfectly happy if I could find a small dark room - and cry. But crying even seems to hard.

Anyway - onto the "trying to lift my spirits" part of the entry. My little guy (3 months old) has begun teething. He has been drooling all over the place today... so, I guess we have to take all our adorable "no tooth" pictures quickly while we can!

And my baby girl... she is so precious. She has had a growth spurt in her vocabulary this week... she has said "Wow!!"... After I said it when I hooked up the new computer! AND she said "bus" AND her most complex word yet, last night she said "puzzle"!! She has also said the word "touch." She is just growing so darn fast...

I look at my little guy and it's like just yesterday she was there... and I tried so hard to cherish every moment, and I still am - and now my little dude is growing so fast.... it's just amazing.

I am going to close now... I have to straighten up the house because my step daughter will be here tonight through Sunday - she does not know anything about the new computer yet... I can't wait to see the look on her face when she sees it. (We all HATED the old one.)

6:39 p.m.

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