Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Birthday Thoughts

Tomorrow is my birthday. It's funny... it doesn't "feel" like tomorrow is my birthday... but then, how would it "feel" except just like any other day?

I am really looking forward to it though, I get to spend the day with my family, and that is the most important thing in the world to me. Hopefully the pool people will come today and fix our pool pump so we will be able to use our pool tomorrow. That would be really, really nice. I could get my sweet baby girl in our pool for the first time! She went in the neighbor's pool last week momentarily... but the water was a bit chilly and she was not very happy about that. She is growing so fast. That's what I want for my birthday... to SLOW TIME DOWN. Just yesterday it seems she was this tiny fragile little thing that could not lift her head on her own... and now she is standing herself up in her crib. Next she is going to start holding onto things and trying to walk... it's amazing.

And in December... she is going to be a big sister!! This morning for the first time I was leaning over her changing her diaper, and my ever expanding tummy bumped her. She gave me a funny look and reached out and patted my tummy. I have explained to her that she was once in mommy's tummy... and now there is another baby growing in mommy's tummy... but this morning it looked like she "got it" - like she realized what I had been saying. I love moments like that with her. And, truthfully, every moment with her is like that. She is always discovering something new. It amazes me. My heart, senses, and emotions are going to go on over load when I have TWO of them learning and discovering new things all the time! I can't wait.

I know tomorrow is going to be a good day. The only "bad little voice" in the back of my mind regarding tomorrow is regarding my extended family. (My mother, and brother's.) Will they call? Will they even remember it's my birthday? I am already certain my mother won't call... and my little brother may not have the "means" to call - if he even remembered... but what about my older brother? I guess time will only tell. Either way... there is no way I am going to let it bring me down.

12:47 p.m.

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