Saturday, September 8, 2012

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You know, I used to never "wear my emotions on my sleeve" - at least I don't think I did. So I think recently I have either started too, or gotten worse about it, or maybe my husband can simply see past it now and really know when I am bothered.. which is good, he should be able too...
Just the other day, he told me to open up to him more... I did not think I had been closed off at all... I still don't. But then for instance this morning we were talking about our situation, and you see, he seems to think I am overreacting with my worry, and I seem to think he is under reacting. But then (at least after talking this morning) I know he is not ignoring the issues, he is just currently better at not letting them to get him as I am... but when I do tell him my worries, that growing up we were evicted a couple of times, I know how it works and how bad it can be, hence my "overreacting" with my worry, it brings him down.
And I understand that, when he is down, it will bring me down too. But he has been doing so good handling things, the last thing I want to do is put a dent in that.
I just feel like, right now, our marriage is stronger than it probably has ever been... but then we have these moments, where I feel we are both just so irritated with each other, it is making me crazy. I want to "fix" it - but I know it is just being caused by the amount of stress we are both under, and we just have to make it through it... but it is just hard to remember that at times. Did that make any sense? (I feel better having at least attempted to get it out anyway.)
I also feel so tired today. Not really physically, just emotionally. I think the roller coaster of the past 2 weeks has finally caught up with me. I just want a nice, relaxing evening, or day... or, something.

4:37 p.m.

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