Friday, September 7, 2012


So this weekend my husband and I talked, a lot. Basically we went in circles and said things that had been said before. He (once again) agreed to "no more secrets" because the secrets he keeps he keeps because he knows they are things that as a married man he should not do.

This morning I asked him what the phone number he called so many times was for... he said it was to his company, so I wrote it down... and I called it. It's some girls personal cell phone. So, add that with the bottle of wine he had delivered to his room (which is very uncharacteristic for him, he'd hit the mini bar for a rum and coke...) and I was upset. Then I get this email from him with the subject "Hang in there" and it read: [her name here], it'll get better.

Oops! He sent ME the email to her. To me its obvious he slept around while he was gone. Can everyone please give me their input?

This feels just like it did when he was denying the obvious about his affair. I feel like I'd be a fool to believe him.

1:49 p.m.

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