Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall Dreams... Painting Plans!

My children decided that today would be a good day to get up at the crack of dawn. 5:45 am to be exact. And as much as I disagreed and tried to fight it... I had no choice but to drag myself down the hall and up. But now... I am glad I did. It is actually 52 degrees outside!! I am serious! I would take a screen shot of my weatherbug thing if I wasn't still half asleep and feeling totally lazy. I opened the window, and just took in a deep, deep breath. (And I find it totally apropos that the Wiggles on TV just played their Christmas melody. - Bring on the cold air!!!!)
Anyway... I have tried to update several times in the past week, but I have just had so many interruptions, it's been impossible.
A week ago from yesterday (Friday the 4th) was my EIGHT year wedding anniversary! That one I have to say... baffled me. Not because of the 8 years... but because of the weird warps it feels like time has done. My baby girl will be 4 in September. FOUR! So... that is half of our marriage. But, I remember it feeling like we waited "sooo long" before getting pregnant from the time we got married. But now... we have officially been parents (counting the pregnancy) for MORE than half of our marriage! Yet, it feels like a blink of time between now, and when my daughter was born.
I guess what I am saying is, the first four years seemed to go by nice and leisurely. The last four though... have been a whirlwind that I want to slow down... so we can enjoy it more, and take it in more fully! It has been moving so fast, I am afraid I have been missing things... I have to make slowing things down a priority for the coming year. But of course... I don't plan on starting that until we get moved. (We went to a wonderful dinner for our anniversary, by the way... and he even sent me flowers!!)
And on that note - we closed on our new house last Monday!! Everything is finally all set in stone! We "take occupancy" on the 22nd. I might even get to go over and check everything out the night of the 21st! So then from the 22nd to 24th I will be painting the kids rooms... Amanda wants pink... Jillian's room is going to be purple again, but this time I will do half of it pink as well. And Aidan's room will be a light "powder blue" and a similar tone of green. My brother is begging me to let him paint one wall a pretty dark red... I am actually considering it - I know if it is too dark I can always just paint over it. And I lost a little trust in my paint color choosing ability yesterday, which really bummed me out. We were sitting here looking through all the paint chips I have for ideas and he (my brother) asked me what colors I was going to do in Aidan's room. I handed him one that I swore had light green and light blue on it. He looked at me like I was nuts, and told me it was no where close to blue or green... and then my mother confirmed what he was saying. I was beside myself. (I have always known I had an issue seeing colors, and earlier this year the Optometrist who did my eye exam for my driver's license renewal confirmed that I am, in fact a bit color blind - but never have I made a mistake that obvious.)
On a good note though, I know I can see the difference between pink and purple in the paint chips for my baby girls room!! So - I may have some help on the colors for my little guys room... I can't handle blues or greens that are too bright, so I will go with really muted colors there... and possibly let my brother have his "one wall" he is begging me for.
I am really looking forward to getting the kids rooms together. I am going to give them each big chalk boards on their walls (with chalkboard paint) AND I found the magnetic paint I have been looking for... I am going to put that on a large portion of one wall in each room too. I know they will think of all kinds of neat stuff to do with that. (It is a primer that goes under your paint, so you still choose the color.)
So, I am sure you can tell I am just very excited about the new place. We also have new couches coming... we have needed to update our furniture for years. We still have a couch from when our Shepherd was a puppy... a couch he ATE. I have patches on it and everything... but it is really just craving a proper burial at this point!
Let's see... there is so much else I have been neglecting to say, but now I am drawing a blank. My baby girl is doing great in school! And both my angels are very excited, as of last night their big sister is here for nearly 3 weeks! She will be here for the move and everything.
Ok, I have rambled on long enough. And add in all the interruptions from the munchkins, and it has taken over an hour to write this! (This is why it takes me forever to reply to emails!!)
It still feels like fall outside! (I know, there will be an "Indian Summer" - but I am enjoying this while it is here!!!)

7:29 a.m.

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