Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Private entry update too.
I received some very good advice the other day... "Breathe. - Then see the way you feel." Things have just overwhelmed me at times these days. There have been those moments where I have just felt like I had no control, over anything. That is a feeling I truly hate. I just have to remember sometimes to slow down.... really slow down.
This evening I had to drop my mother off somewhere. Well... I did not "have too" but I did. The place ended up being MUCH further out than I thought it was. I actually passed farms. REAL farms. Not a glorified storefront with an acre in the back. No, these were farms. (Quite a rare sight in the "Urban sprawl" of Long Island...) Coming home I rolled the windows down, and just took in a deep, deep, cleansing breath. And I realized I had needed that air in my lungs more than I had any clue of.
It was nice, and refreshing.
I am still craving that vacation. I feel like my husband owes it to me even more right now. He had gone down to Florida for a few days the end of last week, and was supposed to be back Friday night, or early Saturday. Well, he got stuck there... and the "poor guy" had to spend the weekend eating seafood (I love Joe's Crab Shack, there are none here in NY, at least where I am) and parading around Epcot center... and all sorts of things. So - he knows he owes me one. I have a few ideas up my sleeve... no worries there. But in the meantime, I found something much closer to home I hope we can do... maybe even as soon as when my step-daughter is here again: Splish Splash! I had no idea there was one of these up here!
When I was a little girl, and we lived in Houston, my father would always get us season passes to "Water World" - and it looks almost identical! So... cross your fingers I get my way... I think that would be a really fun thing to do!
Ok, I think I got off my subject completely. And I lost my train of thought, and it is too late to regain it. So... until next time - have a wonderful night!

11:11 p.m.

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